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Behavioural integrated treatment - Case Study Example

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In the paper “Behavioural integrated treatment” the author analyzes cognitive-behavioural therapy as a relatively short-term, focused psychotherapy for a wide range of psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, anger, marital conflict and personality problems…
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Behavioural integrated treatment
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Extract of sample "Behavioural integrated treatment"

Download file to see previous pages Integrated dual disorder treatment (IDDT) is an evidence-based practice that has been found to be effective in the recovery process for clients with DD. In IDDT, the same clinicians or teams of clinicians, working in one setting, provide mental health and substance abuse interventions in a coordinated fashion. As an evidence-based psychiatric rehabilitation practice, IDDT aims to help the client learn to manage both illnesses so that he/she can pursue meaningful life goals. The critical ingredients of IDDT include assertive outreach, motivational interventions, and a comprehensive, long-term, staged and individualized approach to recovery (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's and Center for Mental Health Services 2007).

The various staging of CBIT includes, assessment followed by engagement and building motivation to change, negotiating some behavioural change, early relapse prevention for substance use problem and integrated relapse prevention and management of psychosis and substance use problem. Building adaptation coping skills and working with family and network members are additional therapeutic options available.

A fundamental problem is a lack of clear operational definitions of "dual diagnosis". In many areas a significant proportion of people with severe mental health problems misuse substances, whether as "selfmedication", episodically or continuously. Equally, many people who require help with substance misuse suffer from a common mental health problem such as depression or anxiety (Department of health 2000).

Chadwick et al (1994), conducted a study among 12 people with delusions. Ten people in the cohort took part in two investigations that used between-subject multiple-baseline designs; the remaining two, each of whom held...
Chadwick et al (1994), conducted a study among 12 people with delusions. Ten people in the cohort took part in two investigations that used between-subject multiple-baseline designs; the remaining two, each of whom held three distinct delusions, took part in a study using an across-beliefs multiple-baseline design. Cognitive therapy was found to be useful in these patients and was considered as a treatment option. According to Alford et al (1994, p.369-80), “cognitive therapy directly targets specific delusional beliefs which theoretically give rise to the disordered verbal behaviour”. According to Enright (1994, p.1811), “Once a person is depressed a set of cognitive distortions known as the cognitive triad (negative view of oneself, current experience, and the future) exert a general influence over the person's day to day functioning, and negative automatic thoughts become increasingly pervasive. Other biases in information processing also act to consolidate the depression, whereby patients exaggerate and over generalise from minor problems and selectively attend to events that confirm their negative view of themselves”. The behavioural elements in therapy may include: • Setting up behavioural experiments to test irrational thoughts against reality • Graded exposure to feared situations in reality or the imagination • Target setting and activity scheduling • A programme of reinforcement and reward • Teaching specific skills such as relaxation • Role playing, behavioural rehearsal, therapist modelling coping behaviours ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Behavioural Integrated Treatment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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