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Developing Autonomous Practise in Mental Health - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Formulation for Patient in Early Intervention in Psychosis Services - Essay Example

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The case is based upon a story of a 25 years old young adult girl named Sandra, who is currently having psychological disorder and depression that eventually led her to experience Mental Health (MH) services…
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Developing Autonomous Practise in Mental Health - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Formulation for Patient in Early Intervention in Psychosis Services
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Extract of sample "Developing Autonomous Practise in Mental Health - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Formulation for Patient in Early Intervention in Psychosis Services"

Download file to see previous pages The reasons for prescribing MH services to Sandra include disruptive demographic conditions, family conflicts, problems associated with personal life and social influencing factors. During her early childhood period, Sandra had experienced dramatic challenges with her two younger brothers who are 19 and 22 years old respectively. In this regard, it can be stated that the demographic condition of Sandra was also a major factor which turned her to experience significant crisis and made her involved in conducting different unfair acts such as taking cocaine and possession of knives among others at a very young age. The prejudicial acts of Sandra and other members of her family had also led Sandra as well as her mother to spend 24hrs in the police custody. Moreover, breaching of relationship with her boyfriend has also formed depressions that further led towards formation of critical challenges in her life. The social influences as well as contradictive voices of the people can also be considered as major factors that driven Sandra to take mental health treatments or MH services. In accordance with social influences, she was viewed to be accused by the people due to her conduct of irresponsible acts towards her 2 years old daughter. In addition, significant economic crisis, poor demographic condition as well as continuous conflicts in both family and personal life are the primary causes of Sandra that eventually made her to acquire MH services by a greater extent. It is worth mentioning that the MH services are generally prescribed to the users who are mentally depressed and likely to involve in performing various unjustifiable and unwanted acts. The disruptive situations that are faced by the service users such as economic crisis, family conflicts as well as social influences, weak living standard and continuous consumption of abusive drugs among others are likely to be addressed or mitigated by delivering MH services to them (Langan & Lindow, 2004). In various cases, it has often been witnessed that the implementation or the application of MH services provide adequate support to the service users in addressing and mitigating several risks that are associated with various critical aspects such as past family conflicts, recent history along with demographic and economic crises (Tait & Lester, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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