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Change Management within the Public Health Context - Essay Example

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In the paper “Change Management within the Public Health Context” the author analyzes the designing and creation of change management processes within public health, which can be seen as a role that should be conducted by the leaders within it. He provides a number of several leadership theories.
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Change Management within the Public Health Context
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Extract of sample "Change Management within the Public Health Context"

Download file to see previous pages Change management can essentially be defined as the proper application of structured tools and processes that serve to aid groups or individual in successfully transitioning from a current state to a future state in a manner that allows for them to achieve a specific desired outcome (Creasey and Hiatt, 2003). By using appropriate leadership theories, managers and leaders in the public health sector can be able to use the framework provided by change management to effectively manage the effect of various new business processes, cultural changes and organizational structure changes within a given public health organization. The Use of Leadership theories in Effecting Change Management in Public Health The designing and creation of change management processes within public health can arguably be seen as a role that should be conducted by the leaders within it. Leaders are tasked with the responsibility of attempting to try and bridge the gap between the change strategy decision processes and the reality of eventually implementing proposed changes within the organizational structure and workforce. By learning how to apply the right leadership style for the particular given situations, leaders can be able to become more effective in their change management. Although there are a number of several leadership theories that can possible by used to effect change management by leaders within public health, the use of the transactional and transformational leadership styles can at times be found to be most effective in effecting change within the public health setup. The Transactional Leadership Style The transactional leadership style is based on the contingency that punishment or reward are contingent upon performance, it is also seen to mainly be characterized by the...
The early stage of transactional leadership generally involves the negotiation of a contract where by giving the subordinate a salary and other benefits, the company as symbolized by the transactional leader is able to gain authority over the subordinate. In the event that a transactional leader happens to allocate some duties to the subordinates, the subordinates are considered to be fully responsible for performing the assigned duties regardless of whether the subordinates are able to perform the duties or not. In the event that things happen to go wrong, the subordinates are considered personally be at fault and is subsequently punished much in the same manner as they are adequately rewarded for their success. In transactional leadership, leaders are seen to primarily use the management by exception theory that essentially works on the premise that in the event that something happens to be operating as per the set expected performance, then it essentially does not require any attention from the transactional leader. While exceptional performance beyond the set expectations is granted praise and reward, corrective action is similarly applied to any performance that is below expectation. According to Fairholm and Fairlholm,(2009), Transactional leadership is arguably an economic exchange relationship in that nothing is seen to bind the leader and the follower in any mutual and continuing pursuit of any higher purpose and aims beyond the particular agreed upon transaction. (Hellriegel and Slocum, 2007). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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