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Describe the issues related to the permeability of oxygen through contact lenses. Describe the structural features of the materi - Assignment Example

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Oxygen Permeability through Contact Lenses University Department Date Oxygen permeability through contact lenses In the past, individuals with eye problems could only be able to wear spectacles. Over the recent past, there has been the development and use of contact lenses which have replaced the traditional use of huge spectacles…
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Describe the issues related to the permeability of oxygen through contact lenses. Describe the structural features of the materi
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Extract of sample "Describe the issues related to the permeability of oxygen through contact lenses. Describe the structural features of the materi"

Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses on the issues related to permeability of oxygen through contact lenses, and also offers a description of structural features of the materials developed in the last fifteen years to solve these issues as well as their rationale. Issues related to permeability of oxygen in contact lenses Oxygen penetrability or absorptivity is considered a significant aspect in the planning, creation, and production of contact lenses as it upholds and sustains ophthalmic, visual, or optical wellbeing. According to Acton (2013: 291), “As established by Holden and Mertz in 1994, a minimum of 87.times.10.sup.-9 (cm ml 0.sub.2)/(sec ml mmHg) oxygen transmissibility is required for hydrogel contact lenses to limit overnight edema to 4%”. Aspects of contact lenses denoting their characteristics and properties include oxygen penetrability, oxygen communicability, and oxygen fluidity. Oxygen fluidity is referred to as the capacity or amount of oxygen that enters or infiltrates a quantified region of the contact lens within a specified period or interval. Oxygen penetrability is referred to as the quantity of oxygen infiltrating the contact lens solidified substance within a specified interval and density variance. ...
erials developed in the last fifteen years and their justification A great proportion of individuals are regularly seeking medical attention for treatment of contact lenses linked issues. It is important for eye specialist to comprehend these issues so as to give the right kind of treatment. Currently, there have been advancements in the type of materials that are used in the creation of contact lenses geared towards mitigating these issues. It is in order to posit that the current cohort of contact lenses have excellent infiltration of oxygen. Depending on the eye problem affecting an individual, some people have been advised and consequently recommended to use rigid gas-permeable lenses. Individuals using these kinds of lenses are those experiencing corneal anomalies. It is important to elucidate the fact that various compound substances are incorporated in the production or manufacture of contact lenses. The kind of substance used has an impact on fluidity, infiltration of oxygen, tractability, cosiness, immovability, as well as the excellence, superiority, and features of visualisation and image (American Academy of Ophthalmology and Burling-Phillips, 2013). Over the recent past, there has been the introduction and advancement of polymers that have been proved to offer or present better and elevated levels of oxygen penetrability. Consequently, this has contributed to the substantial and huge upgrading and perfection of contact lenses plans of production. Researchers have recently posited that the development of lenses produced by the use of silicone hydrogel is one of the most significant and exhilarating invention of the modern world. In addition, the recently available list of options with great bounds and strictures has made it possible for eye specialists to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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