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Mrs. Stanley (a pseudonym) is a 65 years old lady admitted from a care home with a chest infection, and she is frail and emaciated. She had a stroke at nine months ago. She developed left side hemiplegia. At present, she is able to sit on a wheelchair and needs help with activities on daily living…
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Wound care management
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Download file to see previous pages She also has type 2 diabetes, which is controlled with oral hypoglycaemic drugs. She developed pressure ulcer at sacral area over 2 - 3 week period. She was treated by a clinic doctor who instructed the home care nurses to do daily povidine gauze dressing. Mrs. Stanley is a retired school teacher and an extremely proud lady. She insists on maintaining her dignity at all times and she refused to accept that she had a pressure ulcer. She has a married daughter who stays in Singapore with her own family. She flew back from Singapore to accompany Mrs. Stanley on the day of her admission to hospital.√
On testing, she was discovered to have a pressure ulcer at her sacrum. When the wound was examined, she groaned with pain and tried to stop the nurses from touching the wound. The pressure ulcer to her sacral was measured approximately 10cm by 12 cm with a central area of slough which was surrounded by softer yellow tissue and some necrotic tissue. This is under the stage of dying. The surround tissue was erythema and oedematous (Fig 1). The dark staining to the surrounding edge of the wound shows iodine related staining. There is some tenderness and mild oedematous been detected by using gentle touch. Malodour was a concern and Mrs. Stanley was distressed by it. She was prescribed with intravenous antibiotics, subcutaneous hypoglycemic agent, and alternating mattress. v A holistic approach has been performed on Mrs. Stanley to initiate an effective wound healing to occur. Bale (2007) describes if the patient’s psychological needs and comprehensive understand of wound healing are met, the move from sick health to health might move ahead quickly and more proficiently. The two initial areas of concern for Mrs. Stanley were wound pain and exudate. Literature review for these two main areas has been done by using databases such as Medline and CINAHL. The key words which have been used for searching were pressure ulcer, pressure sore, decubitus, wound, ulcer, debridement, exudates, wound fluid, wound drainage, wound pain equipment, alternating mattr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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