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Obamacare - Essay Example

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Name: Date: Institution of Affiliation: The Obama care, also referred as Patient protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Health care Reform was passed into law in March 23, 2010. Having gone through an unsuccessful challenge in the Supreme Court, this law seeks to establish certain reforms in the health sector and thus affect the healthcare of each American in some way…
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Extract of sample "Obamacare"

Download file to see previous pages Among the minority groups targeted under this law include: African American, American Indians, and Hispanics, Alaska Natives, native Hawaiians, Asian American and Pacific islanders. The concern for the minority groups follows a well researched study undertaken by the federal state. According to this study, about 18.8% African American below the age of 65 did not have health insurance. Majority of these minorities were found to be live and also work under poor socioeconomic conditions, a factor contributing significantly to their elevated risk for mortality. According these findings, blacks had a higher mortality rate when compared to whites for treatable diseases like coronary heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Another report released by the centre for disease control in 2011 showed great disparities in the national homicide rate that was particularly based on race, age and ethnicity. From these report, it was evident that Black males were the most affected. Another important statistic released by CDC relates to HIV infection in America. This report clearly shows the Blacks as bearing the greatest burden when compared to other races and ethnic groupings. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) seeks to deal with these health inequalities among many others in a number of ways. 1. Research Prior to solving the many healthcare problems facing the minorities, a thorough examination of the root cause is important. To that end, the Congress financed the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities with 831 million dollars to help carry out scientific research . the findings are expected to deliver vital information that will not only see the minority health improved but also eliminate the present health disparities. [2] 2. Expansion of Medicaid It is true that the biggest percentage of the minority groups lives below poverty level and thus depends much on programs like Medicaid. Medicaid serves about 40 percent of Latino and African American children. Here, the healthcare act increases the coverage in 2014 to about 133% above the poverty level. This new criteria will see nearly half of the present uninsured group qualify for Medicaid.[3] 3. Community health centers The affordable care act offers 11 billion dollars to increase the number of patients provided with preventive and primary services in community health centers. This doubles the number of people served when compared to the previous period. In 2009, 28% of patients visiting the health centers for treatment were African American and 28 were either Hispanic or Latino. 4. Employer mandate Additionally, the Obama care seeks to increase employer-provided health insurance coverage to the many minorities working in low-paying jobs. This law provides that any employer with 50 or more employees will be fined for any of their employees who receive premium credit after purchasing his/her own insurance; this should be as a result of the employer refusal to provide the insurance.[3] Advantage The Affordable Care Act will greatly serve the interests of the minorities since many will now gain health coverage. According to a recent research, the eight percent point Black-white differential with regard to uninsured rate would reduce by half following the provisions of this act. This study further anticipates the nineteen percentage point Hispanic-White ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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... attention not considering their preexisting conditions or income. There is also expansion of Medicaid in Obamacare. This will be in terms of adding new benefits such as increasing coverage, curbing fraudulent activities, minimizing cost, and improving care for patients (Pipes, 2010). The cost of Obamacare will increase tremendously in coming years. The congressional budget office (CBO) projects it to cost around $1.1 trillion over the next ten years (Pipes, 2010). Obama care also affects business and jobs. It will help small business under 25 full time employees insure employees (Pipes, 2010). On the other hand, employers with over 50 full time employees will have to pay a percentage of their employee’s health care or penalty (Pipes, 2010...
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Nursing shortages and Obamacare

...the maintenance of sufficient nursing staff (Mitchell, 2003). Nursing problems will augment in the future. Obamacare permits every citizen to access health care (Barr, 2011). This means there will be an increase in patient number but not an increase in the number of nurses. Therefore, nurses will be compelled to work for longer hours than before. The long hours of work and the exhaustion that occurs pose a tremendous hazard to the safety of patients. This may lead to unplanned mistakes, for example, taking the incorrect dose or form of medication, or identifying the improper patient. Also, nurses will experience high levels of burn out. Meeting the expectations of the enlarged number of patients will be extra demanding....
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Debates on obamacare

... infringes on citizen liberties, and when the government does this, the ideology that America was based on is undermined. Obama care thus undermines this historical ideology (Pipes 110). When a citizen is mandated to abide by a speeding limit, it is reasonable to think that it is a responsibility to protect fellow citizens. However, this is a bit generic and vague. Thinking more critically, those laws are meant to protect citizens from other citizens rather than laws to generally protect citizens. No one has a right to infringe on another person's right, yet by having a law such as Obama care; it will be ensured that such actions do not happen. Obamacare is a policy more general that protects people from everything and not from other...
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What is Obamacare The future for medicine by Obamacare

.... It focused on enabling all the Americans to access and afford health services, regulating the insurance of health care in the insurance industry, reducing expenditure in the health care sector and improving the quality of health care system. The incorporation and the signing of this act into the American law on March 23 2010 fully legalized the Act (Pipes 48). The Act benefits the Americans in many ways including setting up insurance market where the American citizens by federal regulated and subsidized insurance of health. The formation of Obamacare Obamacareresulted from merging ideas from both parties of the United States of America. The first attempt of presentation of the idea came from the opponents of the law, although president...
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... The Affordable Care Act Although every individual is en d to their opinion, I feel that those opposed to the passing of the bill do not hold the interests of American citizens at heart. This paper will discuss the happenings following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Healthcare Act. Other than being a milestone in Mr. Obama’s presidency, the Act also promotes prevention, wellness, and public health by providing an exceptional funding pledge to these areas (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 1). The Act does not compel those with existing insurance coverage to change their insurers. They are at liberty to be insured by an agency of their choice. The Act makes healthcare more accessible and affordable to individuals... The Affordable ...
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Discuss the history, human rigths and Ethics of the Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act- Obamacare

... Essay History, Human Rights and Ethics of the Individual Man the Affordable Care Act- Obamacare Public Health in 19th century The public health, in the nineteenth century, was attributed to substandard housing, whereby numerous houses were poorly constructed, and they were unhygienic and unsafe. Some of these houses were poorly ventilated while many people lived in one house leading spreading of diseases. Moreover, most of the common diseases were such as cholera, typhoid, typhus, and this led to a life expectancy of forty years for people living in these areas (The National Archives, 1). In addition, cholera had become a highly infectious disease, which was considered as a fatal intestinal disease, whereby the first outbreak... Essay...
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Public Policy: Affordable Health Care Act also known as Obamacare

...their premium costs and out-pocket costs respectively. It is expected that when many Americans take up the insurance plans, it will lead to premium stabilization and affordability. 4. Legislation process The enactment of the Affordable Care Act followed a democratic process as illustrated below. One of the principles of democracy that became prevalent during the drafting and subsequent passage of the affordable care act is active political processes. The origin of the Act can be traced to the 2008 presidential campaigns, when the candidates pledged the electorates to replace the fee-for-payment system with a more efficiency system, which is now known as the Obamacare. Once the current president was elected, negotiations to establish a...
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Obamacare Laid Bare - Charles Krauthammer

... national health insurance system at the federal government. Apparently, the enforcement of Obamacare is a national issue that stimulates a wide range of political debate given that such law is perceived as a means of transporting enormous amount of wealth under the present American political system. Despite this perception, US government officials cannot fully express the benefits associated with the health care policy so they could avoid the risk of losing in the elections. As such is the case, they merely implement the law through deception being carried out in the form of hidden taxes, mandates, and penalties that generate excessive payments. Although Obamacare seems to be beneficial since it imposes an affordable health care program...
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The Affordable Care Act (frequently known as Obamacare)

... The Affordable Care Act The Affordable Act, which is popularly known as Obamacare, was passed by the Congress and the President signed the Affordable Act into law on March 23, 2010. Supreme Court decided to uphold the Act as the health care law in U.S on June 28, 2012 (U.S Department of Health & Human Services). Medicare and Medicaid were the previously acting main health laws in United States providing health privileges to the elderly and the low-income class. The Affordable Act was introduced by the president to provide better health services to every American in order to maintain a level of equality and protect them from the expensive insurance companies. The Affordable Act provides improved opportunities for the already insured...
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Obamacare - Making Not Working Pay

... Obamacare has expanded them to the middle class. This classic perverse incentive, CBO believes, will lead workers to reduce their own hours so that the labor equivalent of 2.5 million full-time jobs simply disappear from the economy by 2024. White House spokesman Jay Carney downplayed the CBO report, arguing that “CBO does not take into account positive impacts on worker productivity due to the ACA's role in improving workers' health, including reduced absenteeism.” But there is no worker as unproductive or as absent as the one who works less on purpose because a small increase in pay could suddenly deprive him or her of a large Obamacare subsidy. One White House adviser tried to defend this as creating new “options” for workers...
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Issue(s) with Obamacare

...ticle provides original information and, where necessary, provision of secondary references through in-text links. In conclusion, Obama Care was introduced with a promising objective but has since seen a negative development. This has raised a controversy between the supporters and opponents of the Act. The article provides reliable information arguing that the Act does not function in the best interests of the public. Several resources have been analysed before a conclusion is determined. Works Cited Zadrozny, Brandy. Obamacare Has a New Problem: It Won’t Fix Emergency Rooms. 1 Feb 2014. Web, 4 Mar 2014. ...
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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Obamacare

... in America can afford to pay a higher premium which leaves the less fortunate without health care. In 2014, Obamacare has forced many insurance companies to accept these people that cannot pay for health care regardless if they are an adult or child. (“Benefits Of ObamaCare: Advantage of ObamaCare”). Controversially, insurance companies will have to increase the premiums of people that can afford the health insurance to supply it to others that cannot. Obamacare is beneficial law to all American citizens and it helps all people in our nation. Obamacare is beneficial to a variety of Americans, not only the poor, as it provides the whole nation with health care. Generally, it is the less fortunate that would need the health insurance...
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Argument paper -- Obamacare

... (Fact 1). Despite its help towards average earners in the American society, it has created havoc and high operational costs to the rich and big businesses. The Obama care affects the American negatively by increasing taxes, causing unfairness in society, straining the economy and changing the cost of operating businesses. First, for the government to get funds to insure millions of American citizens, obviously the money has to come from taxes. Moreover, this can negatively affect the high-income earners thus causing bias in the society. Because of high taxation rates on the rich people, this can in turn affect their employees as a result of the reduction of working hours. The Obamacare is not a good solution, as it seems to be a punishment...
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Health Care Law (Obamacare)

...ercentage of income that should be paid in respect to health insurance. In addition, it gives subsidies to help with the buying of the health insurance. Moreover, it gives cost-sharing help to restrict the out-of-pocket expenditures. The increased premium and choice help ensures that coverage is affordable and available to medium income Americans. The uninsured population of New York is expected to qualify in premium aid and constitute eighty seven percent (Gokhale, Erickson & Lawrence, 2011). The Obamacare gives Americans a chance to seek medical care early and have access to the physician consultation. This would ensure that the diseases are identified early enough and are cheap to treat. This will cut down the cost incurred in...
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Obamacare, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

...on, some institutions after realizing the demand of the medical field have emerged with incorporating other degrees’ contents into their programs. For instance, those touching on administration or management in such a way trainees upon completion of their courses can adequately undertake managerial roles effectively. Undeniably, the emergency of ACA whose name coined in a way to refer the incumbent president as “Obamacare” has been an agent of drastic changes to safety and health profession, which this study seeks to highlight. Benefits Health care or all The Obama care has stipulated forth many benefits that will in a great way impact the wellbeing of Americans. The ACA is to be celebrated for upholding rights of patients with...
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