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Efficacy of SPA Treatments in Alleviating Intrinsic Skin Aging - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on the effects of intrinsic aging of the skin and the functioning of spa treatments as anti-aging products. The study suggests that some cosmetic ingredients have the potential to function as anti-aging treatments by reducing, masking, and preventing signs of skin aging…
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Efficacy of SPA Treatments in Alleviating Intrinsic Skin Aging
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Extract of sample "Efficacy of SPA Treatments in Alleviating Intrinsic Skin Aging"

Download file to see previous pages The research paper concerns the effectiveness of the spa treatments in limiting the appearance defects of aging. Extrinsic skin aging is a declination process caused by external factors such as cigarette smoking, ultra-violet radiation, and air pollution. Extrinsic aging is also referred to as photoaging, and involves alterations in cellular biosynthetic activity that causes gross disorganization of the dermal matrix. The primary causes of intrinsic aging constitute internal factors alone. Internal factors include physiological functions such as digestion, excretion, gaseous exchange, and immunity. Intrinsic aging is an inherent degenerative process because it is associated declining physiologic functions and body capacities. The rate of intrinsic aging in a person can be dramatically accelerated by personal and environmental factors such as the duration of exposure to ultra-violet rays excessive accumulation of air pollutants. The process of intrinsic aging is usually undesirable due to its body weakening effects that render a person incapable doing tasks efficiently. Aging takes between fifty to sixty years before setting in; however, this depends on the diet, type of physical activities and the health of a person. Scientists need to comprehend the changes that take place in the human body in order for them to provide the treatments needed to maintain the skin of the aging people. Sisley Sisleya Anti-aging Body Treatment is one of the most capable ant aging for alleviating the problems associated with skin aging. Consumers need to understand clearly the efficacy of SPA treatments in alleviating intrinsic aging of the skin. Literature Review This literature review focuses on the effects of intrinsic aging of the skin and the functioning of spa treatments as anti-aging products. Effects of Intrinsic Aging of the Skin The skin effects of intrinsic aging include both qualitative and quantitative changes such as diminished or defective synthesis of elastin and collagen in the dermis. Defective synthesis of elastin and collagen lead to degenerative skin that is overtly observable. Collagen is composed of fibrous structural proteins called collagen fibers (Breedlove, Watson & Rosenzweig, 2010, p.51). Collagen fibers are forms extracellular matrix, which supports body tissues and maintains the external structure of the cells. Collagen has a high tensile strength, and forms the main component of tendons, cartilage, fascia, ligaments and skin. Collagen and keratin are responsible for skin strength and elasticity; their degradation causes wrinkles lentigines, skin coarseness, fine lines, wrinkles and dyspigmentation that characterize the aging skins. During the process of aging, cortisol stimulates degradation of the skin collagen into amino acids. Synthesis pathogenesis, caused by vitamin C deficiency, causes a disease called scurvy. Scurvy is a painful disease that leads to prevention of formation of strong connective tissues due to defective collagen. This causes skin decolourization and chronic wounds, which further lead to skin deformation. Chronic wounds spreads across the skin, and causes scars when wounds heal. Intrinsic aging causes reduction in the cutaneous vessel size. Both photoaging and intrinsic aging significantly reduces the number of dermal vessels especially in subepidermal areas that display extensive matrix damage (Boyd & Bee, 2005, p.41). Chronic photodamage causes gradual decrease in the number and size of dermal vessels over several years of exposure to ultra-violet sunrays. Degenerative changes of the dermal extracellular mat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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