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Physical Activity as a Part of an Individuals Lifestyle - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes a major benefit of exercise. In the case of weight loss, exercise helps to control the weight of an individual by using excess calories, which the body would otherwise store as fat. Calories are great determinants of the body weight of an individual…
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Physical Activity as a Part of an Individuals Lifestyle
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Extract of sample "Physical Activity as a Part of an Individuals Lifestyle"

Download file to see previous pages Exercise is an important activity, as this bears various benefits for an individual. A major benefit of exercise is that it helps in the promotion of weight loss and ensures weight maintenance. In the case of weight loss, exercise helps to control the weight of an individual by using excess calories, which the body would otherwise store as fat. This, therefore, helps to reduce the amount of fat that the body would have stored, and which is a major contributor to weight gain in humans. Normally, calories are great determinants of the body weight of an individual. Therefore, higher calories mean greater body weight and vice versa. However, exercise is beneficial, as this burns down the excessive calories in the body, thus reducing fat accumulation, and in turn promoting weight loss. It is important for an individual to delay sexual activity until they are older. This is because of the consequences an individual might experience if they engage in early sex. First, delaying sex helps one to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, exercise is beneficial to an individual, as far as weight maintenance is concerned. In this case, therefore, in order for an individual to ensure weight maintenance, he or she must engage in regular exercise. If one exercises only over a period of time and stops, this might lead to weight gain, and lack of weight maintenance. Therefore, to ensure that one does not gain extra weight, they must exercise regularly. Therefore, physical activity should be part of an individual’s lifestyle, in order for them to maintain or control their weight. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Helth and Wellness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Helth and Wellness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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Health and Physical Activity

Gone are the days when people could take time off to exercise or play in their spare time. Life has become so competitive that students and adults alike find little or no time to care for their health. Less healthy children will end up being lesser healthy adults. Physical inactivity leads to illness and diseases that could truncate physical and mental development in later life. This paper strives to investigate what needs to be done to eradicate or control the after-effects of inactivity in early years. In order to do this, the focus of this investigation will be on:
What is health Health is inter-related to the mental, emotional and physical components of a living being. By definition, health is "a state of complete physica...
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The Role of Physical Activity in Preventing Lifestyle Related Diseases

...The role of physical activity in preventing lifestyle related diseases such as obesity, CVD and Type 2 Diabetes. Introduction: Disease related to excess weight has become a common problem all over the world. This is one major problem with which the health authorities of US are struggling to cope up with. Nearly two thirds of the US adults are affected with obesity related diseases. Nowadays even the children and the minors are affected withy obesity related problems. Obesity is one disease that attracts multiple diseases and thus is an issue of worry among the authorities. It has been observed that diabetes and cardio vascular diseases are among the major reasons of individual morbidity. It has been observed that the prevalence...
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Physical Activity

...Physical Activity Physical Activity The purpose of the article “Physical Activity is Associated with Percent Body Fat and Body Composition but not Body Mass Index in White and Black College Students” is to determine the relationship between the Physical Activity (PA) with the Body Mass Index (BMI) and the body composition of white and black college students (Zanovec, Lakkakula, Johnson, & Turri, 2009). The study conducted also aims to establish whether the body composition is affected by gender and race. The importance of physical activity in a person’s body composition is to be ascertained in this study. 2. This journal was helpful because it shows that the BMI is not a good measure of determining whether an individual is obese...
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Nutrition/Physical Activity

...Nutrition and Physical Activity Nutrition and Physical Activity Introduction Everyone needs essential nutrients including carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and 28 vitamins as well as minerals towards sustaining life and health. Nonetheless, nutritional requirements often vary from life stages. For instance, during intrauterine development, childhood, and infancy they are different and varied micronutrients and micronutrients amounts depending on the body size of an individual. In other words, everyone requires nutrients depending on their size among other factors (Simopoulos, 1997). Therefore, it is vital for a person to understand their nutritional requirement before adjusting to their dietary needs. Other than...
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Individuals with Disabilities and Physical Activity

Sports are important activities for physically challenged individuals. Similarly, cardiovascular activities play an integral role in helping these individuals to remain healthy. The paper concludes that a shift from primary disability prevention to secondary disability prevention would better manage associated problems of disability. The discussion also notes the need for care when people living with disability engage in physical activities because of possible associated risks.
Individuals with physical disabilities may find it difficult to undertake physical activities. However, this should not undermine the vital role physical activities play in people’s lives because people with disabilities can gain several health be...
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Critique of Technological Innovations, Activity Based Costing and Satisfaction Article by Davood Askarany

Many of the innovations have been introduced as early as 1980, such as “activity-based costing (ABC); activity management (AM) and activity-based management (ABM); local information system (LS); balanced scorecard (BS); life cycle costing (LCC) and target costing (TC) [and] strategic management accounting (SMA).” (Askarany, Smith and Yazdifar 54). However, few of these have been implemented and utilized to their full potential. The authors propose to find a reason for this.

ABC focuses on costs associated with activities, but also evaluates whether those activities add value, thus providing a means of understanding how to most effectively reduce costs. In addition to cost reduction benefits, applying ABC giv...
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The Law on Physical Punishment of Children Fails to give Sufficient Respect to Childrens Rights

Under the English criminal law, several past and current legislations were made in order to protect the children from corporal punishment or becoming a victim of physical abuse. Despite our effort to prevent parents from using physical force in disciplining their children, the British Government remains unconvinced that the law which protects the children from physical punishment is sufficient (Keating, 2008). Physical punishment such as ‘smacking’, ‘slapping’, ‘kicking’, or ‘spanking’ is referring to the act of causing a degree of pain or discomfort to the child. (Niland, 2009, p. 6) With regard to the legal issues behind child protection against physical abuse, this study aims to d...
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Acid Phosphatase Activity in Phosphorus-Deficient White Lupin Roots

...Word count 1610 A critical review on Gilbert, GA, Knight, JD, Vance, CP & Allan, DL 1999, ‘Acid phosphatase activity in phosphorus-deficient white lupin roots’, Plant, Cell and Environment, vol. 22, pp. 801-810. SUMMARY: In this research communication the authors have observed the course of phosphate hydrolyzing enzymes under phosphorus stressed conditions. White lupins produce proteoid or cluster roots also along with normal roots. Under phosphorus starvation these cluster roots show vigorous branching. Plants were cultivated in sand culture and proteins from root exudates and extracts had been isolated and assayed by methods already standardised. The data were obtained by more than one method and results of the experiments...
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Intellectual Disability of Individuals

... support does not entirely benefit the needs of the disabled. The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 was created to prevent discrimination of disabled indviduals in relation to employment, provision of goods and services, education and transport (Shnit p.241). This was ammended several times in order to include duties of service providers, such as having less favourable treatment as unlawful last 1996 and providing extra help or making adjustments in dealing with disabled customers last 1999. Discrimination has been the primary challenge of intellectually disabled individuals. Although they have no latent physical incapacity, their slow intellectual development creates major challenges in their cognitive skills and competencies...
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Global and International Business Activity

...Global and International Business Context Table of Contents Part A 3 Introduction 3 Nestle 4 Market Strategy 5 SWOT Analysis 7 Porter’s Five Forces Model 9 Ansoff Matrix 11 Part B 13 Reflection 13 Conclusion 14 References 16 Bibliography 17 Part A Introduction Global and international business is part and parcel of modern day business activity. In fact, global and international business is a technique used by present day global business organizations like Nestle, Coca Cola, and De Beers etc to carry out their business across borders. In this process, companies try to link transactions which primarily include import and export along with Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). International business is often conducted through various...
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Why Are Organisations and Individuals Reluctant to Invest in Training

Training is mostly for a specific job or task and it is short term while development is long term and it encompasses general operations. Training, on the other hand, is technical, unlike development which is more theoretical. Many profit-making organizations have their end goal being increased productivity translates to increased profitability. Bearing this in mind and the immense benefits that accrue organizations, many are still reluctant to invest in this endeavor (Gratton 2007). 

As mentioned earlier training and development of employees has numerous benefits to both a firm and its employees. One of the key benefits is that it results in higher productivity thereby increased profitability. Employees’ mor...
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Analysis of a Volunteer Activity

... work that usually needs the help of third parties such as sponsors to help widen the reach of their service to society. On the other hand, informal volunteering is a kind of activity to benefit a certain group of people done by individuals or groups that do not have to be necessarily affiliated to a certain organization or perhaps operate in a continuous manner. Some examples of which would be charity events, self or group initiated activities to give food, clothing and etc. (Different Types of Community Volunteering. n.d.). My chosen volunteer activity would be volunteering to provide housing and improve livelihood. This for me is one relevant volunteer work as I believe that the whole well-being of a person starts with a good home...
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Impacts of Physical Activity on Mental Health and Wellbeing

Continued physical activities have been demonstrated through medical research to possess massive benefits to people as it assists in the attainment healthy cardio and the elimination of health threats associated with lifestyles. Mental health is the normal state of the mind which facilitates normal thinking and reasoning irrespective of the normal life pressures. Several factors influence the mental health of an individual including consistent physical activity and exercise. In this paper, the impacts of physical exercise on mental health and overall wellbeing will be examined (Dunn, Trivedi & O’Neal, 2001).
In the recent past, the relationship between increased physical activity and the mental health of individuals...
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Empowering and Supporting Individuals

It is impervious to critically address issues relating to empowerment in order to reduce the ramifications related to the failure of addressing the issue.
Maslow provides a framework for understanding the needs of various people in society through the hierarchy of needs analysis (Binnie & Allen, 2008). In studies regarding the vulnerable children in many parts of the world, the Maslow framework has been used to reflect the deficiency and growth needs of the children. In this framework, a human being can tackle the growth needs only when the deficiency needs have been satisfied (Keeble & Hollington, 2011, p. 106). In this analysis, therefore, research has centered on identifying the needs of the vulnerable children and...
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The Effect of Physical Activity on Pregnancy

... sector. Research methodologies for these objectives are described as follows: Part 1: Systematic literature review P8: The search will include identification of articles through literature search on LILACS and MEDLINE databases. Key words will be used for search including (physical exercise OR physical activity OR movement) AND (gestation OR pregnancy). The inclusion criteria for the articles will be; they should be in English and have been published from 2000 onwards. In addition, the articles should refer to case-control, cohort epidemiological, or cross-sectional studies. The principles outcomes of the research explained in the selected articles might include but will not be limited to preeclampsia, gestational weight gain, birth...
9 Pages (2250 words) Assignment
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