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Teaching Plan Review Name: Institution: TEACHING PLAN REVIEW Breast Feeding Why women stop breastfeeding and how to counter this Women stop breastfeeding because of the rough start they get, including sore nipples and childbirth exhaustion (Dykes, 1997: p346)…
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Teaching Plan Review
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Download file to see previous pages This can be countered by support and education to gain confidence and experience that the baby is getting enough. Women are also uncomfortable breastfeeding in public since the breast is sexualized in society. The solution to this is more difficult as it is ingrained in society and society needs to change its mindset (Britton, 1998: p315). Finally, women stop breastfeeding as they have to return to work; in essence, they do not find place and time of breastfeeding. The solution to this is getting support from insurance companies to buy breast pumps, education on the benefits of pumping milk, and allocation of spaces in the workplace whereby pumping and breastfeeding can take place. Why Breast Milk is Preferred for the Baby Breast milk has the correct balance of vitamins, proteins, fat, sugar, protein, and hormones for the baby’s development and growth. It also has antibodies that fight off infant infections, fatty acids that aid in the development of eyes, brain, and lowers incidences of SIDS (Bick, 1999: p314). The milk is also easier ion the digestive tract with less production of gas, its composition changes with time as the baby develops catering fro their needs at different stages, and it is always ready when the baby needs it. Finally, breast milk reduces chances of infection, asthma, diabetes in later life, and certain cancers (NICE guidelines, 2008: p1). Benefits of Breastfeeding to the Mother Breastfeeding aids the mother by reducing risks of ovarian, uterine, and breast cancer. Breastfeeding mothers reduce breast cancer risk by 25%, which increases according to the time a woman spends breastfeeding (Blincoe, 2005: p346). In addition, the decreased levels of oestrogen during breastfeeding means that breast tissue and the uterine wall are not stimulated as much, which lessens the ability of the tissues becoming cancerous. Breastfeeding also lessens the occurrence of osteoporosis and chances of hip fracture after they reach menopause. Breastfeeding also helps the woman to space her children since there is delayed ovulation, which is dependent on the nursing patterns of the mother. In addition, breastfeeding promotes the mother’s emotional health with studies indicating that it reduces post-partum anxiety compared to women who feed their babies on formula (Blincoe, 2005: p347). Finally, since the mother does not need to buy formula, warm bottles, or sterilize nipples, it saves on money and time. Preparing the Mother to Overcome Common Obstacles in Breastfeeding The mother should educate herself prior to the arrival of the baby through videos and books (Bowden & Manning, 2006: p33). In addition, online classes can be helpful to walk them through the body changes that take place during pregnancy, transitioning back to work, and the particular support that can be offered by grandfathers and fathers while the mother is breastfeeding (Datta, 2012: p163). The mother can also form a support system since breastfeeding requires dedication and time. This will help the mother in overcoming the obstacles discussed above, and the mother can breastfeed for a time longer than six months. The mother should prepare herself to breastfeed comfortably at home. Moreover, the mother should keep stock of; breastfeeding pillows for positioning and supporting the baby correctly, multiple burping clothes, nursing bras, lanolin ointment, and a rocking chair. The mother should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teaching Plan Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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