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Evaluate How Normality Can Be Facilitated and Maintained During Childbirth - Essay Example

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The ancient Jews called her the wise woman, just as she is known in France as the sage-femme, and in Germany, the weise frau and also Hebamme or mother's adviser, helper, or friend. The English 'midwife' is derived from midwife, or with-woman"(J.H. Aveling)…
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Evaluate How Normality Can Be Facilitated and Maintained During Childbirth
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Download file to see previous pages It was a mystery how they gained the knowledge and skills in these areas. In modern times, they are not only responsible for attending women in labour and birth but also help her family especially the birth partner in dealing with the situation. In this paper we shall discuss how normality can be achieved during childbirth by the midwives. There are various factors that a midwife has to consider and take care of while preparing a woman to give birth. A midwife never works all alone; she is connected to many different individuals like her colleagues, supervisors, other health professionals and their families. It is very important for a midwife to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the women and her family she is dealing with. A midwife should treat each woman as a distinct individual and respects her values and beliefs regarding pregnancy. It should be remembered that the experiences during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period affects women, babies, fathers and their families in a huge way and have a long lasting impact on society too. The midwives should ensure that every woman had a joyful and healthy birth experience ( Levisley, 2011). Good communication skills A midwife should have the ability to communicate well and at the same time the power to listen patiently to a woman through her various stages of pregnancy. A small action or gesture by us can make a huge difference to the care and treatment of the patients, their infants and partners. A midwife should always keep in mind that although she deals with matters of births everyday but a new mother may not know about the process of pregnancy. Certain special behaviors like being compassionate, pleasant, providing continuous support, unbiased information, consistently reassuring the to-be mothers are expected from a midwife (Nasak, 2005). There are some actions which will go a long way in enhancing the admission, birth, postnatal and discharge stages of pregnancy –having patience, providing continuous support and praise to the patient. The midwife should be able to provide the information regarding the various aspects of pregnancy and birth, for example the effects of different forms of pain relief, without being prejudiced. Some other ways which might help the mother is by providing them written information in booklets or notice boards. A midwife is responsible for making accurate medical notes which is passed onto the health visitor. In case of mothers with second babies, it has been observed that the midwives are less inclined to inform and support them but it is very important to remember that the mothers still needed their advice as each birth and child is different. It is the duty of a midwife to handle every patient equally regardless of her age, profession or previous experience (Nasak, 2005). Environment Every woman should be given the opportunity to choose a place where she feels secured, relaxed and cared for giving birth. Her personal preferences, emotional wellbeing and privacy should be respected and taken care of. A mother’s ability and confidence to give birth is enhanced or diminished by the ability of the midwife and the environment where she gives birth. The midwife should encourage the woman to opt for home birth because this is the place she will feel most relaxed. The choice of time and place where the pregnant woman would like to take antenatal and postnatal classes should be adjusted according to her convenience. Nowadays, places other than the hospital and clinics ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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