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Journal Article - Essay Example

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Name: Date: JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW TITLE: Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography AUTHOR: Danielle M. Allegreza JOURNAL/VOLUME: 2007 23: 286 NUMBER: 23 PAGES: 286-289 SUMMARY OF PROBLEM TO BE INVESTIGATED This article addresses the issue of uterus didelphys which is also known as duplicated uterus that is regarded as an embryological abnormality…
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Journal Article
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JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Danielle M. Allegreza JOURNAL/VOLUME: 2007 23: 286 NUMBER: 23 PAGES: 286-289 SUMMARY OF PROBLEM TO BE INVESTIGATED This article addresses the issue of uterus didelphys which is also known as duplicated uterus that is regarded as an embryological abnormality. This kind of anomaly is experienced when Mullerian duct fail to fuse thus resulting into wrong bilateral development of the uterine .However, this condition is not common. The embryological difficulty exposes women to serious pregnancy problems such as spontaneous abortion, preterm labor and cervical incompetence as well as urinary tract infections. This embryological abnormality comprises of two uterine horns, two separate cervices, and two vaginas. Unfortunately, most of the didelphys uterus cases are never diagnosed since they can only be realized when a woman goes for treatment due to gynecological complications. There are little occurrences of didelphic uterus and didelphys pregnancy. By considering a case study of a woman in her mid-20s who had both didelphys uterus and twin gestation, there were a preterm delivery caused by incompetent cervices and this is due to uterus malformation. For the first trimester, the patient was referred to obstetrical sonograms where the sonograms were done at 12 and 16 weeks gestation as a way of assessing fetal cardiac motion and growth. Although there were normal conditions a 12 week’s gestation, there was an incomplete vaginal septum. More significantly, at 23 weeks when routine sonogram was performed, cervical shortening, and funneling was noticed and at 31 weeks there was spontaneous rupture of membranes of the left uterus which also initiated preterm labor. Sonography may be used in detecting urine malformations. Recurrent pregnancy loss is a very common condition amongst women diagnosed with congenital uterine abnormality. Prenatal care accompanied with several sonograms is important in assessing the health and development of a fetus as well as cervical function. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE This text is of high standard and it highlights an important issue amongst women. The author has referenced issues regarding recurrent pregnancy loss and gynecologic ultrasound. Additionally there were issues regarding uterine duplication, unilateral imperforate vagina, and normal kidneys. MATERIALS/ METHODS AND ANALYSIS OF METHODS A woman in her 20s, gravida 5, para 1 and four past preterm deliveries presented with didelphys uterus were used. Additionally, there was twin gestation where a single fetus grows in every uterine horn. It was realized that the preterm delivery experienced by the patient was due to incompetent cervices that was linked to uterine malformation. Because of the patient’s medical history, she was subjected to sonogram to assess fetal cardiac motion and growth as well as assessing other urinal infections. In addition, the woman’s kidney was evaluated to check if there was and infection related to the uterine. Failure of Mullerian duct fusion that is probably caused by teratogenic insult that affects the mesonephric duct almost six weeks after conception is believed to be responsible for uterus didelphys. Luckily, this condition is not common and it is very low amongst the population. DISCUSSION OF THE FINDINGS AND APPLICATION TO PRACTICE Sonographer is a very important tool used in assessing various uterus and urinal malformation. Understanding this aspect may introduce better healthcare services to patients with similar malformation. Four stages aid Mullerian growth and failure to accomplish and all these processes may lead to malfunction. The congenital uterine deformity may include hypoplasis, unicornuate uterus, didelphy and arcuate uterus. Although this condition is very rare, it has very high risk to the pregnant women’s health. It is also worth noting that uterine and maternal congenital renal deformities normally occur on similar sides. Sonography is capable of detecting several uterine abnormalities and women’s congenital uterine malformation may even lead to recurrent pregnancy loss and other disorders. Women diagnosed with uterine didephys enjoy superior obsttdetrical results compared to their counterparts with unicornuate uterus due to enhanced uterine volume associated with better blood supply. EVALUATION OF THE CREDIBILITY OF THE STUDY Although the population was not large enough to prove the credibility of the study, the woman who was studied was suffering from the uterine malformation and would therefore provide primary evidence. Otherwise, large population would have been very important for the study. Making a conclusion after carrying out a study of just a single specimen does not increase the confidence level of the results. However, because a professional on behalf of society of diagnostic medical sonography conducted the study, it may be credible and reliable. This society tends to provide all the required information regarding sonography and would therefore, not relent to do so. Read More
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Journal Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 3.
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