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Health Care in America - Essay Example

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Health Care in America [Pick the date] Name US Health Care – A Growing Concern Evaluation of health care facilities hinged in a set up is not an easy to be evaluated task since it involves broad spectrum evaluation of two main sectors of a society, the rural and the urban zones, for their working efficiency and demarcation in provision of hygiene necessities of Medicare that majorly include finances, patient care, quality and length of lives, achievement of systems in dealing with risk and emergency cases and utilization of health benefits The American health care services are a case of insurance Medicare as the significance of the stretch of financial sector that has overcastted the health…
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Health Care in America
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Download file to see previous pages As the reformers of the US health service consider ways to gain expansion in health care industry and provide basis for trouble-free access to basic health facilities, the initial point to get started is paving a strategy for rural and urban resident differences that are gapped by basic insurance help (Almgren, 2013). The public sector spending on US health care has been declining since 2005 and he major put ins have flown in from US Recovery and Reinvestment act of 2009 from financial resources that were distributed to 50 different sources. The above scenario builds a prospective insight and jitters the following key queries: Requirement of Health Care Insurance Development in Rural Areas. The Immediate Need to Control Health Costs. Linking of Health Care Costs and to Good Health Outcomes at all Levels. Requirement of Health Care Insurance Development in Rural Areas The majority of remote rural areas in US are the most cited for need of health reforms concerning cost bearing through insurance of health services since they rely on uninsured services that are low on quality and lead to dangerous mortality rates. One of the dominant reasons for this is the employment of rural area residents with companies that do not provide adequate coverage of insurance. The new generation of rural areas is relatively more aligned with insurance policies as compared to the elders of rural areas whereas they are in majorly more in need of insurance coverage since they encounter higher health issues. Some very common findings are, nearly 1/3rd of US rural residents are no employed as compared to 22 % or urban residents (Faricy, 2011).Government should intervene to provide insurance mandates to the low income rural groups and crate financial alliances with insurance groups to provide insurance especially for seasonal employed rural work force. The Immediate Need to Control Health Costs The urban residents are at the safer side when it gets to insurance access but they again face Medicare misfortunes in the form of increased cost. They get to access insurance to help with health costs but the uncontrollable rise in the costs is making the medicare insurance sweep major part of an earner’s income. The main policy selections to help reduction in cost are, reduction in the use of ineffective and duplicate services using technology and promote effective technology, attention towards accepting and adopting new health care systems such as patient oriented Clinical care home, ascertain fair pricing, ascertain efficient physicians at work, work on minimizing management and administration costs and finally support patient awareness for self health and cost (RHRC, 2010). Linking of Health Care Costs and to Good Health Outcomes at all Levels The high costs put to the end user through a complex set up where they exhaust most of their energies in the payment process needs to be transferred to the provision of better health services. If the costs are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Care in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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