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Technological Advances in Health Care in America - Essay Example

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In the paper “Technological Advances in Health Care in America” the author analyzes inappropriate utilization of technology, which culminates in the emergence of specialty care providers. The growth of these providers will threaten the access of patients to basic health care…
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Technological Advances in Health Care in America
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Extract of sample "Technological Advances in Health Care in America"

Download file to see previous pages The perspectives of healthcare in the US have been changing consistently. This is evident in the development of health care insurance to eliminate bad debts resulting from the provision of services to persons unable to pay. This program reduced the financial burden of patients during service delivery (Duncan, 2008). Therefore, insurance covered the financial ruin during illness. This led to the development of Blue Shield Insurance to cater for physicians services (Duncan, 2008). The development of the insurance process enabled the physicians to recover full costs for providing services. Health care costs have increased swiftly over the past decades because of the expenditure on prescription drugs. Additionally, the increased dominance of chronic diseases has resulted in a high demand for health care. Estimates show that health care costs resulting from the treatment of such diseases account for over seventy-five percent of health expenditures (Sherry & Adriana, 2008). The health care system has also changed as evident in the emergence of specialty practices aimed at reducing health care costs without interfering with the quality of health care. This approach controlled the total health expenditure because it involved physicians. This limited the access of individuals to competent specialists. Additionally, diagnosis was the foundation for payment regardless of the treatment period. Increased health care costs are attributable to innovative medical services within the health care system. However, these extensive advances in medical science have allowed the health care specialists to treat illnesses in ways that were previously impracticable. These innovative services prove costly because several patients insist on using them (Sherry & Adriana, 2008). The extensive training in health technology plays a critical role in health care expenditure because it automatically increases training costs. Inappropriate utilization of technology often culminates in the emergence of specialty care providers. The growth of these providers will threaten the access of patients to basic health care and endanger patient safety. Reducing health expenditure, these care providers will perform their services less expensively (Sherry & Adriana, 2008). New technologies will result in the emergence of efficient methods of paying health premiums; this will lead to different health covers that will enable individuals to choose a cover that is affordable and convenient in terms of payment. This will reduce the financial burden of the patient during service delivery (Sherry & Adriana, 2008). Inappropriate technology tends to complicate the procedures of payment. This is likely to expose hospitals to financial troubles. 2. “Compare and contrast two technological advances that have affected health care delivery in America”. Telemedicine is a major advancement in American health care that involves medical activity from a distance (Sherry & Adriana, 2008). The methods associated with telemedicine give patients an opportunity to obtain expert opinions that they would not have otherwise obtained. Telemedicine plays a critical role in connecting populations that are based in remote areas and that have the preferred expertise level. Moreover, a major contribution of telemedicine is that it minimizes the necessitation of facilities and competent personnel (Shi & Singh, 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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