Weight Risk Factor And Cancer - Article Example

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This article takes a deeper look into the relationship between weight and cancer developments and how each of them increases the risk factors by analyzing previously conducted studies to ravel the misery behind cancer risk factors and the relationship between weight, cancer and post-menopause women…
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Weight Risk Factor And Cancer
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"Weight Risk Factor And Cancer"

Download file to see previous pages The article "Weight Risk Factor And Cancer" focuses on the issue of menopause and post-menopause women in relation to cancer and body weight. These two factors are closely related as they are considered some of the risk factors that instigate cancer development.
Cancer is prevalent among post-menopause women, which is a threat. Its prevalence has been increasing in numbers and this has caused alarm in the world. Cancer has been claiming the lives of both men and women in the world. According to research, cancer deaths are escalating if the patients are not given early intervention. The cancer deaths have been increasing and cancer has been mentioned as one of the leading causes of deaths besides other diseases. However, cancer is a preventable disease since the causative factors can be reduced to minimal and manageable levels. Cancer in menopause and post-menopause women can be reduced especially in relation to weight matters.
Intervention by medical practitioners was a strategy that was used to show that the cancer risks can be reduced to manageable levels. Women who are overweight with a waist of over 90 cm are art a higher risk of developing cancer, and this should be reduced. To begin with, the intervention was deemed to reduce the concentration of insulin in the body. According to research, insulin is one of the risk factors of cancer development. Therefore, there is a need to reduce the insulin concentration in the body. The reduction of insulin in the body is a better strategy in reducing the risks of cancer. Secondly, CEPT activity was to be reduced. When the CEPT activity in the body is reduced, the body is prepared to fight cancer development in the body. As such, the persons in the intervention recorded a positive result after the intervention. Thi9dly, there was a significant reduction in the body’s free fatty acids. Fatty acids pave way for cancer development in the body. Therefore, looking for a way of reducing free fatty acids in the body is the best prevention of cancer. In addition to this, ApoB and cortisol were reduced. However, some other aspects were increased, which includes ApoA1and OGTT. As stated in table 2, there is strong evidence on the need for intervention. For instance, the overweight women have higher levels of mean tissue concentra5tion, which should be reduced to manageable levels. This includes IL-6 (pg/ml), IGF-1 (ng/ml), CRP (?g/ml), TNF-? (pg/ml), PAI-1 (ng/ml), VEGF (pg/ml), Leptin (ng/ml) and Resistin (ng/ml). However, there was a need to increase Adiponectin (?g/ml) levels since they were in low concentration. Menopause is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Weight Risk Factor And Cancer Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/health-sciences-medicine/1475274-weight-risk-factor-and-cancer.
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