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A written assignment analysing the managers role in the running of a health care practice, in a chosen health care setting or fo - Essay Example

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Management of health care practice Introduction The practice manager’s role in a hospital in running GP practice in a multicultural diverse area like Newham, a London borough involves understanding of the responsibilities related to whole host of activities in an organization such as finance, HRD, housekeeping, front office management apart from the support services relating to GP…
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A written assignment analysing the managers role in the running of a health care practice, in a chosen health care setting or fo
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Extract of sample "A written assignment analysing the managers role in the running of a health care practice, in a chosen health care setting or fo"

Download file to see previous pages Organization of staff, logistics, supplies and services in providing efficient health care with minimum waiting time and discomfort to the patients need to be achieved by reducing inequalities under safe and clean environmental conditions for enhancing the level of patient experience. The role of practice manager has become more crucial under the major healthcare reforms come into force effective April 2013 in enhancing health and well-being of the population (GOV.UK, 2013) Operational management Operational management involves organization of the team, management of the staff and undertaking strategic activities with leadership to achieve the organizational objectives. According to Handy (1994, p. 17) “A proper understanding of the relevant concepts of organization theory has brought much comfort to individuals in tension as well as allowing them to carry out the analytical task of the manager, which is: To identify the key variables in any situation; To predict the probable outcomes of any changes in the variables; To select the ones he can and should influence.” Operational management in a hospital setup is no different from the other industries, though the nature of responsibilities of a manager varies from industry to industry. Practice Organisation Attributes that are essential in practice include leadership, ability to communicate, motivating skills, ability to use discretion and judgement, innovation and interpersonal skills. These attributes are essential at various levels of the organization in varying degrees. According to the King’s Fund (2011, p. viii) “the health service does need a national focus on leadership and management...” Training and development to the staff plays an important role in cultivating these attributes in the workforce in an organization and the practice manager needs to organize programs for this purpose. GP practice managers ensure GPs are provided with necessary support services which involve organizing of human resources that include nursing, technical and administrative staff and other facilities. Management of front office, establishing appropriate system for appointments and maintenance of records for easy retrieval when they are required later are the important administrative functions related to the job. Depending upon the single or multi surgery units and other linked practices operational in the organization, change management or introduction of new services based on the developments in the field of medical technology and efficient co-ordination with the government agencies and social service organizations are essential for sustainability in the long run. In the dynamic field of healthcare management, creating an atmosphere for collection of data, analysis and research and reporting is fundamental for growth and development of the health care system. Crisis management calls for preparedness at all times to meet the challenges that may include major accidents, epidemics and natural disasters like typhoons and floods. Handling of such situations with confidence efficiency enhances reputation of the organization. Management of Staff In management of the staff, the important factors are effective communication at all levels, establishing standards for performance, evaluation of performance on regular basis for taking corrective measures to improve the performance and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Written Assignment Analysing the Managers Role in the Running of a Essay.
“A Written Assignment Analysing the Managers Role in the Running of a Essay”, n.d.
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