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The Development and Marketing of Health Care Practice - Essay Example

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Development and marketing of healthcare practice has become an immense need for both medical professionals and patients…
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The Development and Marketing of Health Care Practice
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Extract of sample "The Development and Marketing of Health Care Practice"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, to introduce a new health care service area, to attract patients and investors, manage the competition, secure and maintain patients’ loyalty, introducing new businesses or availing the service opportunities (PHILIP KOTLER, 2008). Since now patients look for the best services along with maximum quality and care therefore practitioners are moving towards building their exclusive practice brands (ANANDHI VIVEK DHUKARAM et al., 2010). This paper aims to discuss the marketing and development of a complete health care practice brand specifically aimed at cardiac patients. Internal Analysis At Cardiac Healthcare Services we aim to provide primary and secondary medical services to the cardiac patients. Primary services means all the facilities and medical treatment required by severe patients with chronic cardiologic diseases such as familial hypercholesterolemia, heart attack, etc (PERRY ELLIOTT et al., 2011). Secondary services include awareness programs, counseling on genetic and hereditary diseases, etc. In order to carry out all these services effectively there is a qualified team of 15 doctors specialized in cardiac diseases along with 50 nurses and a highly professional administration board comprising of 5 executives and other staff workers (COMPLETE, EXPERT THERAPEUTIC SERVICES FOR CARDIAC PATIENTS, 2013). The unique point in our service is the facility of ‘nurses-led clinics’ which will focus only on patients’ education (SCHADEWALDT V. et al., 2011). This would be a unique selling point on the basis of the fact that our direct competitors are not offering this service. Our target market would include patients of coronary heart diseases coming from within the country. This will surely help us in achieving our forecasted revenue and profits for future expansion of business. Since coronary heart diseases are rapidly increasing in both men and women around the world, for instance, in UK alone death rate because of coronary heart diseases is 68.8 per 100,000 which indicates its severity and potential for future business in this area (CORONARY HEARTH DISEASES: WHO, 2011). The place currently owned by the business can handle 4 times more patients as compared to our competitors’ present patients’ volume. Moreover, there will be extended healthcare services such as telephone and online consultations, home services for severe patients, awareness programs and flexible appointment hours. This will facilitate in giving health assurance to the targeted patients through active involvement of practice managers. External Analysis Following is the External Analysis (ODIES C. FERRELL et al., 2010): Demographic Analysis: Our initial development time line extends to five years after which the developing and marketing strategies will be reviewed. Our aim is to offer medical services within the country for next five years therefore we have collected data regarding the cardiac disorders of our target market. In UK, people are often found having inherited cardiologic problems such as Mitochondrial Diseases (VASCO EIRIZ et al., 2005). There would not be any age limit for our target patients since inherited diseases might show symptoms in early, middle or later ages depending upon the case and its severity. Medical Treatment of Cardiologic diseases is often very expensive; however, we plan to project high quality services with minimum costs through utilizing modern medical technology. This will increase our annual revenues due to minimized cost in addition to developing customer satisfaction (VASCO EIRIZ et al., 2005). Specialty Analysis: Nurses-led clinics would act as our specialty services. Patients who maintain history of cardiologic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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