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Effective Negotiation and Conflict Management in the Health Care Settings - Essay Example

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The greater accountability for health care consumers, advance care quality, staffing shortages, demand for increased payment, stiff regulatory enforcement and decreased reimbursement has all contributed to varied health care conflicts in one way or another. …
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Effective Negotiation and Conflict Management in the Health Care Settings
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Extract of sample "Effective Negotiation and Conflict Management in the Health Care Settings"

Download file to see previous pages However, the health care managers and organization members have recognized the need for managing conflict with the health care environment for the past decades. Managers can utilize efficient principles for negotiation and managing conflicts in order to resolve the struggle for supremacy in the health care environment. Even though, the struggles for power and health care problems have become widespread; thus managers should employ effective negotiation principles to manage conflicts.
Ways that Managers Can Use Effective Negotiation Principles and Conflict Management to Resolve Power Struggles Within Health Care Settings
Managers can employ effective management strategies and transparency mechanisms for preventing pursuit of self-interests in a health care setting. This is because self-interested personnel exploit opportunities in order to maximize powerful position for their own benefits. This is dangerous because it can set off conflict in the health care sector. The health care director can use reporting mechanisms and address the impact coupled with self interests in the health care environment. Power struggles in the health care settings are common. Thus, employing significant conflict management frameworks for solving conflicts is significant. Beersma and Evers (2011) argue that separating interests of individual from positions is one of the significant steps towards conflict management. One way that a manager can resolve conflicts is through being aware and sensitive on the differences that arise between work positions and interests. Therefore, the ability to detach positions from interests is the key towards managing conflicts effectively....
Other ways for resolving power struggles and managing conflict is through establishing professional code of conducts as a policy for directing employees. The manager should develop mechanism and communicate effectively in order for everyone to understand him or her. Breaking communication gap is fundamental in conflict management, and it will enable employees to understand the set code of conducts. Understanding conflicts and effective prevention methods for managing conflicts are crucial. Gaudine, LeFort, Lamb and Thorne (2011) argue that effective communication is one way of preventing conflicts and it can enable managers to reach a win-win solution. Win-win solution is a strategy employed in negotiation and collaboration process in order to reach at a compromise, which is acceptable by everyone. Thus, this strategy together with effective communication and set regulation contributes to successful agreements that satisfy each party. Types of Power Struggles That Are Most Amenable for Negotiation in the Health care Social conflicts or interpersonal conflict among coworkers is one of the powers struggles categories that are agreeable for using negotiation and conflict management methods. Conflicts are always inevitable in the work environment and workers will not get along with others in case managers can not intervene. Workers cannot become productive in case managers do not solve erupting conflicts effectively. This is because erupting conflicts can spread like fire and create a serious problem. Leever, Hulst, Berendsen, Boendemaker, Roodenburg and Pols (2010) argue that collaboration between physicians and nurses is significant in improving quality care services. The qualitative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I had an issue with a essay types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular document. Even though "Effective Negotiation and Conflict Management in the Health Care Settings" is far from my interests, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.

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