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Exercise program for a hypertensive patient - Essay Example

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Hypertension can either be primary or secondary depending on the elevation level exceeding 140/90mm Hg. Normal blood pressure is below 120/80. Level of above 120/80- 139/89 is considered pre-hypertensive. …
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Exercise program for a hypertensive patient
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Extract of sample "Exercise program for a hypertensive patient"

Download file to see previous pages Normal blood pressure is below 120/80. Level of above 120/80- 139/89 is considered pre-hypertensive. Normal heart rate is between 60-100 bpm per minute, and Mr. A has 134 A blood pressure of 140/90 or more is hypertensive. Blood pressure is controlled by life style changes which include diet, exercise and medication (Oh et al., 2012). Physical activity is a key factor in reducing high blood pressure as well as lowering high cholesterol values in cases of obesity, thus improving blood circulation in the tissues. Ultimately, this means proper supply of oxygenated blood in the tissues and hence improving the performance of the heart muscles. Health program stages Initial stages (1- 3 months) According to the case study of Mr. A, he is currently inactive since the kind of exercise he used to do was walking around with his dog that died and since then he has been inactive, and the only leisure he does is watching TV. The aim of this initial stage is to begin the exercise while taking it slow. This may include: Stretching This involves the lengthening of muscles. Stretching the muscles to lengthen the arms and leg muscles before exercise may help prepare the muscles for activity and help reduce muscular pains and injury (Becker, 2001). Regular stretching will help improve the range of flexibility and also motion. For Mr. A, who has been inactive since his dog passed away, it is imperative for him to begin with stretching of muscles before he begins walking again Climbing the stairs may require his leg muscles stretching to avoid pains and muscle pulls (Oh et al., 2012). However, the initial exercise stage should not be vigorous. He should begin it slowly to condition the body. These exercises should last at least 10 to 15 minutes a day and at least five to six times per week. For the movement pattern, Mr. A should warm up for 5-6 minutes involving single joint and stretching exercises. Improvement stage (4 – 8 months) This will involve cardiovascular or aerobic exercises which are steady ones that will involve using large muscle groups. This exercise type is aimed at strengthening the heart muscles and also the lungs and ultimately improving the general supply and usage of oxygen to the tissues (Becker, 2001). Continued aerobics helps reduce heart beat and blood pressure hence improving the patient’s breathing. Mr. A showed shortness in breathing and was fatigued in the leg muscles after an exercise stress test. Aerobics is therefore recommended for him to improve his breathing. The aerobics should involve: Allowing proper warm up to avoid cases of sharp and sudden rise in blood pressure during the exercise (Abela, 2004). After the warm up, allow for calm down time to enable for good transition of the body to the exercise condition and this will reduce cases of dizziness and fainting. Maintain a constant normal breathing rate during the activity to avoid forced expiration with the trachea close as this will lead to a steep rise in blood pressure (Becker, 2001). Mr. A should perform 8-10 single exercise sets in chest press and triceps extension. Biceps: curl leg bicep and curls among others and repeat zone should be 10-15 in order to attain moderate fatigue for the patient (Becker, 2001). This exercise should be done ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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