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Critical Appraisal of a Journal Article - Essay Example

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OTPP/PTPP 536 Critical Appraisal of a Journal Article Points Enter Citation: Ghafari, S. (2009). Effectiveness of applying progressive muscle relaxation technique on quality of life of patients with multiple sclerosis. Journal of Clinical Nursing (18) 2171- 2179…
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Critical Appraisal of a Journal Article
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Extract of sample "Critical Appraisal of a Journal Article"

Download file to see previous pages The problem statement: The article’s problem statement, though not explicitly stated, is the need to establish the effectiveness of PMRT in improving quality of life among multiple sclerosis patients (Ghafari, et al, 2009). Purpose: The purpose of the research, though not explicitly stated, is to investigate the significance of PMRT technique on quality of life of patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis. This is inferred from research aims (Ghafari, et al, 2009). Hypothesis: The research does not state its hypotheses but the following can be inferred from its aims. Null hypothesis There is no significant relationship between PMRT approach and the attained quality of life of the multiple sclerosis patients. Alternative hypothesis There is a significant relationship between PMRT approach and attained quality of life among the patient (Ghafari, et al, 2009). /3 Literature: How do the authors discuss past research on this topic? The authors discuss past research by defining the problem, multiple sclerosis, and describing its symptoms that include “patterns of inflammation, demyelization, and axonal loss” (Ghafari, et al, 2009, p. 2171). The authors then explore the incidence of the disease in the society and the cost of managing it among patients. This identifies a prevalence rate of between 0.015 percent and 0.145 percent with an annual cost of more than 35000 Australian dollars. The literature also explores the effects of the disease on the patients such as adverse economic potentials and interpersonal relationships. The disease’s management through drugs has however indicated adverse impacts without significantly solving the problem. This has identified the need for alternative approaches such as the PMRT. Even though the management approach has been applied for more than seven decades, research has not been done on its effectiveness on the patients’ quality of life. The literature review therefore develops strong background information and identifies the problem, lack of an effective management approach to the disease. Establishing significance of effectiveness of the therapy will therefore aid transition from the traditional treatments with adverse effects (Ghafari, et al, 2009). /2 Identify the study design: The study applied a quasi-experimental design. It used a between group approach of quantitative methods. This is because the participants were organized in groups, the control group, and the treatment group that was further divided, randomly, into three subgroups. Interventions were then administered to the treatment group and measurements taken per group. The subgroups were however not designated (Ghafari, et al, 2009). /1 Participants: The study used 66 participants, aged between 20 years and 45 years. All the participants were confirmed multiple sclerosis patients and were members of “MS association” (Ghafari, et al, 2009, p. 2173). The participants were recruited through a non-probability sampling approach and divided into control group with 33 participants, and three treatment groups, one group with eight individuals and the remaining groups with nine individuals each. The inclusion criteria was the age group of between 20 to 45 years, confirmed multiple sclerosis case and membership of MS association while the exclusion criteria included unconfirmed diagnosis of the disease, experience with specific disorders, experience with relaxation interventions techniques and active participation in sports (Ghafari, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Critical Appraisal of a Journal Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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