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Techniques in the Management of Dyspnea - Essay Example

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TECHNIQUES IN THE MANAGEMENT OF DYSPNOEA (name) (professor) (date) Techniques in the Management of Dyspnoea Introduction Dyspnoea is one of the most common symptoms seen among chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. It is also a term which generally refers to the condition wherein a person has an unpleasant experience while breathing…
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Techniques in the Management of Dyspnea
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"Techniques in the Management of Dyspnea"

Download file to see previous pages It is a generally stressful experience and can cause limitations in one’s functions and activities. When patients’ conditions deteriorate then the dyspnoea can also get worse. In effect, the more that they would be exposed to the risk factors associated with the condition, the more that they are likely to experience dyspnoea. This paper shall seek to establish the different techniques by which dyspnoea can be managed or treated. This paper is being carried out in order to arrive at a comprehensive and scholarly discussion on the subject matter. Physiology of dyspnoea In considering the physiology of dyspnoea, this is a condition which can arise from respiratory diseases which present in various abnormalities inside the afferent pathways, the efferent pathways, or the central control centres of the respiratory system (Irwin,, 1997, p. 5). Dyspnoea is said to be caused by the interruption of the relationship between the force produced by the respiratory muscles and the consequence change in the muscle length (Weisman,, 2002, p. 92). Based on the Thoracic society, the respiratory output is caused by the respiratory neurons during automatic reflex breathing. Corollary discharges play a role in respiratory effort and can sometimes cause dyspnoea. The mechanical receptors in the joints and muscles of the chest are also programmed to send signals to the brain. According to Altose,, (1989, p. 145) vibrations during inspiration activates these receptors which can change dyspnoea scores among COPD patients. From the above possible physiological pathways, feelings of dyspnoea may manifest. Now, different techniques on the management and treatment of dyspnoea shall be discussed. Techniques in the management of dyspnoea Symptomatic management The first step in the management of dyspnoea is its symptomatic management. Dyspnoea is one of those symptoms which need fast and efficient management. Failing to immediately manage it can lead to stress, anxiety, loss of consciousness, angina, and other serious conditions. The symptomatic management can either be through the implementation of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions. Treatment of dyspnoea The treatment of dyspnoea was considered in a study by Sassi-Dambron, (1995). The authors carried out a randomized clinical trial in order to establish a pulmonary program focusing on coping strategies for dyspnoea without exercise training. About 89 patients with COPD were enrolled in the study. These respondents were assigned to either a pulmonary rehabilitation treatment or general health education groups. The pulmonary training involved progressive muscle relaxation, breathing retraining, pacing, self-talk, and panic control (Sassi-Dambron,, 1995). The study involved tests of 6-minutes walking distance, quality of well-being, psychological function, and dyspnoea measures at baseline, after treatment, and 6 months after treatment. After the 6-week treatment, the study was able to establish that there was no difference seen in the control and in the test group in the different variables used to measure dyspnoea (Sassi-Dambron,, 1995). This study implied that even with the application of dyspnoea management strategies, the lack of exercise training would still produce a negative outcome for the patient in terms of dyspnoea release. It is therefore important to consider a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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