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Journal Article Review - Book Report/Review Example

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Journal Article Review: Christian Clients’ Preferences Regarding Prayer as a Counseling intervention Name Tutor Institution Course Date Introduction Summary Chet Weld and Karen Eriksen in their study look at how Christians have perceived prayer as a form of counselling intervention…
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Journal Article Review
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Journal Article Review: Christian Preferences Regarding Prayer as a Counseling intervention Introduction Summary Chet Weld and Karen Eriksen in their study look at how Christians have perceived prayer as a form of counselling intervention. The study looks at the expectations of first time Christian clients and the therapists who offer prayer as a spiritual intervention during counselling. The study employed several statistical analysis to understand this relationship. Weld and Eriksen discovered that about 82% of those sampled preferred audible forms of prayer during the sessions, while they also considered that the counsellor introduces the topic of prayer. This group also expected that prayer was to be included in the session. Some of the clients also favored that prayer was to be carried out by the counsellor but in an outside scenario. Among those who were sampled Christian conservative had a higher anticipation that prayer would work compared to liberals. The issue of using prayer in counselling is further highlighted as being controversial due to ethical, multicultural and developmental beliefs. Counsellors insist upon ethical use of prayer by indicating the importance of respecting a client’s spiritual belief. Hence, it is important for the counsellor not to force prayer on a client. Weld and Eriksen state that Christian counsellors will always try to propose prayer as a solution to their clients due to their beliefs. However developmental stages, worldviews and other issues should be considered before doing so. The article states that liberal Christians and young Catholics may not want prayer to be included in during these sessions. This has to be respected. In conclusion, the article states that the main issues that arise when using prayer as a therapeutic solution include ethical mandates, client expectations and counsellor beliefs. Interaction From the study, it is certain that prayer is an important part of counselling as a therapeutic solution in health and medicine. The study indicates the importance of prayer even in secular setting. Prayer is faith based and faith is an important aspect of healing. Counselling involves issues to do with the mind. Most people who seek counselling are those who have turbulent problems that require some form of relaxation. Prayer offers this kind of relaxation to a client. An important part of the study is the relationship between conservative Christian clients and the liberal Christian clients. The conservative Christian show a higher appreciation of prayer as a therapeutic solution in counselling compared to liberals. Although there is a small number of liberals who prefer prayer, it is important to note that prayer is serious consideration for them. This is a clear indication that prayer is a spiritual nourishment to the troubled mind. Although many secular practitioners do not encourage theological issues with psychology, it is seen clearly that prayer and Christian counselling creates an atmosphere that encourages positive and faith-based solutions. The article indicates that from traditional perspectives, controversy has arisen due to issues concerning the ethics of prayer in a clinician setting. Religion and ethics go hand in hand. Secular counsellors have always stated that using prayer, as a therapeutic solution is unethical. However, this study has challenged the assertion by showing that prayer is a preferred solution by both conservative and liberal believers. The different multicultural values emanate when working with different ethnic identities. However, Christian counsellors have well established guidelines that can help guide them during these sessions. Application From the Journal, a Christian counsellor gains a lot of insight on how to use prayer as a therapeutic counselling method. An idle setting that the above concepts can be utilized include a Christian counselling center in a black neighborhood where drug and substance abuse is on the rise. A young man who seeks the services of a Christian counsellor for the first time will need spiritual guidance to overcome a drug addiction problem. A professional Christian counsellor, will be required to understand and analyze the background of the young man. Listening to the young man and determining the cause of the addiction is also crucial. The counsellor will then proceed to ask the young man to consider prayer as a solution. The use of prayer should not be forced because due to the different spiritual and multicultural perspectives, it may be unethical. However, as a Christian counsellor, it will be crucial to expound to the young man the importance of prayer and how it works. If the young man accepts prayer, then it would be vital that the prayer should not be a form of condemnation, but to give hope and strength to the young man. This will ensure that all the ethical consideration in a clinical setting are observed. It is also vital that the young man accepts prayer in this setting to ensure that prayer is effective in helping him overcome his problem. Reference Weld C and Eriksen, K. (2007). Christian Clients’ Preferences Regarding Prayer as a Counseling intervention. Journal of Psychology & Theology. Winter 2007, Vol. 35 Issue 4, p328- 341, 14p, Read More
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Journal Article Review Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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