Denver II Developmental Screening Paper - Case Study Example

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A case of Audrey B., 3 years and 1 month old, female, Caucasian. The girl has no history of major illnesses or surgery, with no current health concerns. Her family has no history of diabetes or heart disease…
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Denver II Developmental Screening Paper
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Download file to see previous pages She was born full term through vaginal childbirth and was breastfed for only the first month before she was discontinued and started taking formula feedings. The girl is not taking any medications. and she is currently enrolled in a day-care program where she gets to play with other children of her age. The girl is to undergo a Denver II Developmental Screening test to check if she is growing properly for her age. The ages between toddler and preschool is a sensitive time to assess the child for developmental problems such as mental retardation, which is detected at 2 years old if the child is not able to achieve any language milestones (Hazen, Abrams, Muriel, & Danforth, 2008). Developmental Milestones The Denver II Developmental Screening test was developed as a tool to detect developmental disorders in children early on. It tests the child in various areas with developmental milestones. The developmental milestones from the Denver II Developmental Screening Test include cognitive and language/communication skills, fine and gross motor skills and social/emotional skills. Every year of a child’s life from birth to the age of five has a set of expectations for each category (Shahshahani, Vameghi, Azari, Sajedi, & Kazemnejad, 2010). In the cognitive and language area, a normal child is expected to be able to name and recognize at least one up to six colors. The child should be able to match objects by function. She should be able to stack at least 5 blocks. The child might be easily distracted, but she can understand the difference between pretend and reality, can state her full name and age and can match family by group or function. The child would be talking constantly in complete sentences, can use proper pronouns, plurals, past tense verbs and can ask questions. She is now able to repeat songs or rhymes and can understand the concept of size. The child’s vocabulary would be at 2000 to 4000 words (Children’s Development, 2007; American Academy of Pediatrics, 2011). At this age, language development is closely related to the child’s cognitive ability (Burns, Dunn, Brady, Star, & Blosser, 2012). Since language development at this stage is highly variable, being influenced by the environment and interactions from people around her, a wide range is still considered normal (Hazen, Abrams, Muriel, & Danforth, 2008). In fine motor skills, the child would be able to use a book, can use her fingers for painting and drawing and using crayon. She can string beads, can stack objects nine high, can use play dough and can use scissors with limited mastery. She can draw simple shapes such as a circle and can even draw houses, figures and objects with some relation to each other. The child can now undress by herself, but needs assistance dressing, especially with buttons (Children’s Development, 2007; American Academy of Pediatrics, 2011). In gross motor skills, the child would be able to run around obstacles, can throw overhand, catch and kick a ball, can hop on one foot, can play on the slide, can walk straight without looking at his feet, can climb the stairs and can use the tricycle. The child would be very active at play but still fatigues easily, getting irritated when this happens (Children’s Development, 2007; American Academy of Pediatrics, 2011). In Social skills and emotional development, the child would either be in her parallel or associative play stage, allowing her to play with other children whether interactively or separately without much trouble. She can participate in group activities such as circle time, dramatic play and games involving other children, but may experience difficulty in sharing or problem ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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