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Historical Trends and State of Health Care - Essay Example

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The key functions of a well functioning health system involve responding to the expectations and needs of a population in a balanced manner. Therefore, this is in regard to meeting the following conditions: improving the health status of individuals and society, defending the community against ill health, shielding the community against the financial consequences of ill health and providing equitable access to people-centered care (World Health Organization, 2010)…
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Historical Trends and State of Health Care
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, it seeks to root out the competition put in place as a regulatory measure and replaces it with direct control based on strong regulatory institutions (Marie, 2011). According to the proposal by the Obamacare healthcare bill, numerous populations are against the bill since it brings investors in the healthcare sector down to their knees. This is in the form of having the playing field altered to the point that it is not level for private insurers and other insurance providers. Moreover, it poses a threat to push these private insurers out of business, which in their cases holds significant profits (Marie, 2011). In addition, another argument used by opposers is the political influence that the bill holds. They term it as a way, for the proposing regime, to buy votes of the people by attempting to appeal to them despite the downside associated with it. This is happening by bringing a big steak of the American economy under the control of the government. Therefore, under the cover of providing affordable healthcare to Americans, the government is viewed as if it is attempting to control the economy and take the control away from the private sector (Arkes, 2011). Moreover, others argue that Obamacare is a means of trying to control public access to healthcare. This is because; the bill does not limit the extent to which it reaches especially in invading the zone of personal freedom (Arkes, 2011). Those worrying about the economy again echo the earlier mentioned issue of sending insurance companies out of business. This is following the fact that the bill proposes that every patient visiting the emergency should be taken in at any given time. It also goes ahead to bar insurance companies from denying insurance cover to individuals with preexisting conditions that often seek covers to pay for their medical bills (Institute of Religion and Public Life, 2011). Those supporting the bill do so for the purpose of regulating players in the insurance industry and holding them in a tight leash. This is concerning having them insure people with the “preexisting conditions” that they often deny medical cover. In some cases, when granted cover, they are charged exorbitant premiums (Arkes, 2011). In addition, they cite that millions of Americans, without medical insurance, stand a chance to receive subsidies from the government to buy health insurance, as well as be eligible for Medicaid (Marie, 2011). The healthcare industry will suffer significantly following the passage of the bill because; there will be increased crowding in the already insufficient medical facilities. This is following acceptance, to the emergency room, of all individuals with life threatening conditions thus starching the resources out thin. Moreover, those in the allied sectors to the healthcare industry will suffer reduced revenues; this is following the fact that they will have to pay more expenses to healthcare providers after regulations by Obamacare come into place. The payments disbursed will be more following new rules that bar private medical insurance providers from denying covers to people with conditions that were present before they subscribed for a cover (Owcharenko & Nix, 2012). The other hindrance will be in regard to the quality of services offered to patients in hospitals. In spite of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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