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The growth and impact of 'temporary' employmen - Research Paper Example

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In contemporary labor force setting, the classification of workers have evolved in include different categories and types due to factors that affect the employment arena. In Montana State Government for instance, the classifications of employees clearly differentiate between…
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The growth and impact of temporary employmen
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Extract of sample "The growth and impact of 'temporary' employmen"

Download file to see previous pages Department of Labor 1). The current paper hereby aims to present the growth and impact of temporary employment in the U.S. through initially providing a brief historical overview of temporary employment, prior to presenting current statistics on the subject. The causes and effects of temporary employment on the plight of employment condition in the country would also be examined, prior to a concluding portion would wraps up the points that were discussed.
Recent economic difficulties in the country and all over the world have affected the tenure, status, and working conditions of the labor force. There are rampant news that reveal increasing levels of unemployment globally and more workers seeking temporary and part-time employment to be able to support a variety of needs. According to Villarreal and Swanson (2011), aside from economic factors that influence the rate of employment, the concerns about future imposition of taxes and the costs of health care in the country preclude optimistic growth potentials for supporting and sustaining permanent employment. As such, greater numbers of people seeking employment resort to part-time jobs and temporary employment.
The characteristics of benefits eligibility for temporary employees have been explicitly indicated by DOL, to wit: “Temporary employees are eligible to earn leave and are covered by Social Security and unemployment compensation, but do not receive the other fringe benefits provided to career civil service employees. Current law allows temporary employees to purchase health insurance after they have one year of temporary service, but the employee must pay the full cost with no Government contribution. Employees are not eligible for coverage under the Federal Government Life Insurance program or the Federal Employees Retirement System” (U.S. Department of Labor par. 2).
Thus, the disparities between a permanent from a temporary employee ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Growth and Impact of 'temporary' Employmen Research Paper.
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