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Voluntary Diseases - Essay Example

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Voluntary diseases are rampant in modern day society. Based on lifestyles persons succumb to diseases they could avoid if they dropped their negative lifestyle. Diseases related to smoking, drug abuse and immorality have been cited as the most rampant voluntary diseases…
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Voluntary Diseases
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Download file to see previous pages In most instances voluntary diseases have been based on the same level as the ordinary diseases in terms of Medicare provision (Green & Labonte, 2008). However, in recent years there have been concerns over the way the funds in medical bodies are used. For instance, the National Health Service has been having debates on whether to continue funding diseases caused by one’s lifestyle. According to Petit-Zeman (2005), the number of illnesses caused by lifestyles has been on the rise in the past 10 years. Some argue that the major causative agent of illnesses is carelessness and people should take care of themselves while some claim that it just unfortunate. Since the taxpayers fund the NHS, they feel that it is their right to be given free medical attention on any disease they suffer from. Taking that into consideration there will be concerns over how people look after their health. As much as the people have the right to access free medical care, there should be measures that stop people from living unhealthy lifestyles. In an argument by Lilley (2003) this is only possible if free medical care on certain diseases is dropped. The paper will focus on some of the voluntary diseases common in the society. It will also focus in whether the diseases should receive medical funding from the NHS. Should obesity patients receive free medical funding from the NHS?...
Looking at these statistics it is evident that the NHS will need to spend more funds in obese patients. Obesity can be prevented is a person is willing and ready to lead a healthy eating life. Reasons which should stop the NHS from funding medical care for obese patients I advocate for the NHS dropping free medical attention for obese people, because people cannot keep fit and eat healthy. Incase of illnesses they turn to the NHS for help. This is unfair to the other tax payers who strive to eat healthy and keep fit. It is probable that a yearly cost of 4.2 billion Euros is used to cover for obese related infirmities in England (Barron, 2009). If people can avoid eating junk food, the NHS would save a lot of money and center on more severe illnesses. Since people are not heeding to calls to stop unhealthy consumption, the NHS should then stop funding medical care for illnesses related to being overweight. Why the NHS should not stop funding medical care for obese patients However, it would be inhumane for the NHS to fail to treat these individuals. Obese people suffer from high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancer and weak bones. Illnesses like cancer are deadly disease which should not be ignored. Furthermore, if an individual has paid and funded the NHS it not fair or legal if they succumb to any illness be it from effects of obesity. In the consideration of ethics, it would be a breach if someone dies because they were denied the free NHS funding to cure (Sergeant, 2003). Cirrhosis as a voluntary disease Cirrhosis is a chronic liver disorder which is mostly affect people with constant abuse of tobacco products. Effects of this illness include liver enlargement, fluid accumulation, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Voluntary Diseases Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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