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Evaluation of Physical and Public Health Article - Essay Example

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Evaluation of Physical and Public Health Article Name Instructor Task Date Content The authors try to answer the question that delves into the relationship that exists between the performance of physical activities and the prevention of chronic ailments. They solve the problem of establishing the relationship that exists between physical activities and health benefits…
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Evaluation of Physical and Public Health Article
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of Physical and Public Health Article"

Download file to see previous pages The authors write this article so that they can encourage the participation of all Americans across all ages in physical activities. The encouragement is passed through the public recommendations on health defining the types along with the amounts of physical activities that are usually required for promoting health and preventing diseases. The authors establish ethos by suggesting that the majority of the American population is sedentary and that most of them are physically inactive. This is the reason that they are calling on their health and educational organizations to spearhead the fight against the lack of physical activity performance (Pate et al, 1995). As a result of reading the article, the authors want the reader to increase their daily activities so that they may decrease their chances of transmitting various chronic diseases. The history of this problem can be traced from epidemiological studies which suggest that physically active individuals tend to have higher health standards than their sedentary neighbors. The main arguments that the authors make imply that increased physical activity is directly linked to prevention of various chronic diseases. They draw the conclusion that if all the Americans led more physically active lives, the public’s health would reap tremendous benefits. ...
The authors of the article are able to substantiate original insights or research by quoting the sources of references used in writing it. They are also able to substantiate them by carrying out cross examinations of the results obtained by various disciplines. The authors’ process of data collection was facilitated through the carrying out of reviews on various articles that provided epidemiological, clinical and physiological material (Pate et al, 1995). The authors interpreted their findings through the process of carrying out reviews through selected experts. They also managed to draw conclusions on various issues by first achieving group consensus on the issues they had at hand. Their conclusions were further to be endorsed by the center on disease control along with prevention. The types of sources that the authors use range from primary research and review articles to evidences from the fields of clinical medicine, epidemiological and physiological studies (Pate et al, 1995). Organization The authors use the cause and effect organization pattern in relaying their information through the article. For example, the authors suggest that if their sedentary people are to change to becoming more physically active then their hospitals and learning institutions should communicate to the public (Pate et al, 1995). They additionally state that the information given to the people should prescribe the correct amount along with types of activities they should indulge in. These activities enable them in the prevention of diseases and promotion of health. The authors integrate various concepts through establishing the relationships that exist between them. They are able to utilize concepts with similar meanings but from different disciplines in justifying their ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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