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China probes tourists' illegal organ transplants - Research Paper Example

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Due to Second highest human organ transplant rate, the trade of organs is banned in China since May 2007.According to a newspaper, authorities investigated 17 tourists, receiving an organ transplant in China (Beijing (AP)…
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China probes tourists illegal organ transplants
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"China probes tourists' illegal organ transplants"

Download file to see previous pages Due to Second highest human organ transplant rate, the trade of organs is banned in China since May 2007.According to a newspaper, authorities investigated 17 tourists, receiving an organ transplant in China (Beijing (AP)).Every year 5000 operations are held for transplant and it is stated illegal for the foreigners as one million Chinese need transplant every year but due to sever shortage, the available donors are only 10%. Doctors and medical institution would face consequences. Under ground organ trade flourishes in China, due to anxious organ transplant seekers who make 40% of the market. The organs are arranged in weeks rather than months. Only 160 institutions are licensed to do transplant and the government plans to ensure the registration to regulate all the organ transplants. Organ transplant from prisoners with or without consent is banned except to immediate family members. In 2007, organ transplant without counsel’s permission was pronounced illegal. The population problem To control birth due to population hazards has become an ethical and moral responsibility now. In certain areas it hasn’t refrain the process of prosperity, economic and technological growth but globally, increase in population is fatal. Roman Catholic Church has ignored this increase and predictions tell world population will rise till 15 million in the next century.
Then life standards and psychological effects will be a challenge to tackle. Over population goads aggression and suicidal inclinations, followed by mistrust, hate and restlessness which are visible lately. Abortions and deliberate sterilization are not the best solutions but contain essence of well being for the unborn. Inconsistency in birth-control is of no use and thus the use of contraceptives and sex without reproduction is a moral demand. The quality of living and faith are in no danger and developed catholic countries agree to it but the policy of Roman Catholic Church is against contraceptives and family control planning. Therefore this policy has adverse effects all around the catholic circle where population increase and social problems have outraged. For future of mankind, it is an ethical responsibility of all men and women to participate in population control. ANIMAL RESEARCH Research on animals is an effective means to understand diseases and the required medical treatments for them. Living system of animals and human are biologically similar in many ways, which makes it easier for scientists to see the effects of stimuli and its reactions before hand. About 200 health problems are similar among animals and humans and the main focus during animal lab research is disease treatment, prevention and injury treatment. 95% of rats are used in basic medical research and diagnoses others animals are rabbits, guinea pig, fish, farm animals and insects.1% on cats and dogs and on non human primates. Therefore lab animals are bred for research and the process has a timeline to show results. Scientists make sure that the experiments need an animal research and follow 3Rs, to minimize pain. Even replacement, refinement and reduction is also practiced for their sake. AN ANALYSIS “RESEARCH ON ANIMALS” This is a golden age of research, in this modern era, human life due to modernization and technology is facing beneficial and adverse effects simultaneously. The increased rate of disease and the ways to prevent from them is a main goal of Medical Scientist lately. To find new and effective drugs, scientist need module similar to humans to see the effects and duration the drugs take to effect. Animal research is considered as cruel by many animal libertarians; however it is only for the sake of well being of humans. These researches have facilitated man kind in finding the cure of deadly diseases. Influenza was extremely deadly virus once now remedies are discovered such as antibiotics which were acquired from animal research. There are many other life saving drugs which were tested on animals for their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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