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Organ Transplant - Research Paper Example

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Organ Transplant Name: Institutions name: One of the most important milestones in the history of medical sciences is that of organ transplantation. Organ failure and severely damaged organs especially those that are essential for survival would have been the cause for death in many patients if transplant technology was not available…
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Organ Transplant
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Download file to see previous pages In the U.S alone over 28,000 patients under transplant surgeries and over half of these surgeries are kidneys transplants while a quarter are liver transplants. Process of Organ Transplantation Organ transplantation calls for therapeutic usage of organs to replace a non-functional organ. However, the medical process is quite complex since organ transplantation comes with its own bag of complications and challenges. Keeping aside the legal issues and paperwork involved, the first step i.e. procurement of a healthy donor is a mammoth task since it care should be taken that the blood types of the recipient as well as the donor matches since “fate of a graft depends not only on excellent surgery with avoidance of damage to the organ in the process, but, as indicated above, the degree of HLA matching of donor and recipient is crucial in any approach to tolerance” (Calne, 2005, p1979). One a suitable candidate is found the healthy organ is harvested carefully and the damaged organ in the recipient’s body is surgically replaced with the new healthy organ. Post-surgery, the newly replaced organ is kept under observation to detect rejection by the recipient’s body. Immunosuppressant drugs are administered to help the body accept the new organ and gradually integrate it in the patient’s body as its own. ...
Such phenomena lead to organ rejection or blood transfusion reaction. Heavy immunosuppressant drugs are therefore administered after a transplant surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to match the donor and receiver’s blood so that the organ acceptation by the receiver’s body is smoother. The rejection mechanism of allograft kidney transplantation was studies and it was seen that “the most common form of acute allograft rejection is initiated when donor alloantigens are presented to the T lymphocytes of the recipient by antigen-presenting cell (APC’s) “(Schwartz, 2010, p1453). A new study shows that Jagged2 plays an important role in accelerating heart transplants or cardiac tissue grafts since its signaling affects the acceptation rate of graft by regulating interleukin-6 (Riella et al, 2013, 1449). Ethics and Importance of Organ Donation Becoming a donor is a tough choice for many. There are 2 types of donor-living donor and deceased donor. Organ donation is an important choice that can save a lot of lives however, organ donation, in many parts of the world, has rapidly emerged into a trade. For example, poor people sell one of their kidneys to the rich and since The risk involved in nephrectomy is not in itself high, and most people regard it as acceptable for living related donors (Radcliffe, 1998, p1951). However some people find the procedure too invasive and thereby refuse the whole idea of organ transplantation (NHMRC,1997,P12). Brain death and organ donation Organs are procured from cadavers however brain dead individuals provide fresher organs for harvest. This, stirs up an ethical issue since complete loss of brain function needs to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organ Transplant

...?RUNNING HEAD: ORGAN TRANSPLANT A Research Paper on Organ Transplant Organ Transplant Organ transplantation is considered as one of the most significant contributions of medical science to the human race. It is a medical procedure that is defined as the ‘surgical removal of an organ from one person to another person’ which is needed in situations such as organ failure or organ damage caused by illness or injury. The process of transplantation can be applied to different organs such as liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung and intestine (United Network for Organ Sharing, 2011). The research paper is aimed to present the definition and the process of organ transplantation. In addition, a focus on the benefits and risks of the process... is...
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...-up showed a normal growth of both children (Cancrini et al, 2010). Future research could focus on having a reduced intensity in the study of HLA identical BMT for ADA deficiency. Infants who had been diagnosed early and having no organ damage could be taken up for research. Later patients with greater risk could be participants (Cancrini, 2010). Two sisters had severe combined immunodeficiency due to inherited identical haplotypes (Richard et al, 1996). One sister (A) had successful haploidentical bone marrow transplantation from their father. The second sister (B) later had a successful transplant from the first sister. This was an exceptional case as B cell engraftment did not occur...
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...? Organ Donation s Hundreds of people around the world die every single day because of unavailability of organs for organ transplantation. Major illnesses may cause major organs of the body to lose their function while accidents may also severely damage organs inhibiting them from serving the human body and in such cases it becomes immensely important to replace the organ with a new organ through transplantation surgery in order to make sure that the person survives. The organ used as a replacement in the surgery is donated by another human being known as the organ donor. The organ donor may be a cadaver or a live human being. The most important organs that are donated are kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, lungs, bone marrow, skin... and...
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Organ Transplant

...For: Of Case Study Analysis 19 May 2006 Organ transplant has been ed to a lot of controversial issues overthe years. While it is true that this procedure is salient in sustaining and preserving life, there is also the consideration as to how valid and soon this solution must be implemented. Several measures have been employed to help regulate this practice according to various methods to ensure safety and compliance to laws and policies that medically and politically govern this procedure. In the case presented, wherein the journalist manipulates the policy related to acquiring organ transplant, the answer to whether she should receive said procedure should be evaluated...
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...Organ Donation Organ donation is a concept of removing a healthy body organ such as kidney or heart and transplanting it into a recipient who is a patient with failing organ. This way, the patient gets to lead a healthier and longer life (Brezina, 2010). This procedure then seems to relate to the ethical principle of beneficence, which in nursing calls for doing good to help others (Stacy & Lough, 2013). It entails a sense of empathy, the foundation of nursing. It is against these reasons that I found organ donation as an appropriate topic for this essay. If one gives consent for use of their organ following such a...
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...Q Ans. Living nephrectomy for transplantation does not advantage the donor beyond increasing their self-esteem. The socioeconomic advantages andthe recipient’s increase quality of life justifies the theoretical risk to the donor. The Ethical Council of the Transplantation Society emphasizes on the prevention of commercialism for ethical as well as for medical reasons. Financial incentives or rewarded gifting to compensate the donation is not advisable (Bruzzone et al., 2005). Q. 2: The advantage is that it provides adequate proof that the donor wants to donate the organs which is important to convince the relatives. The disadvantage is that it causes people to think about donating...
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...Introduction Organ transplant was experimented on animals and humans as early as the 18th century but faced massive failures owing to the lack of current technology, knowledge, and expertise. In 1954, the Dr. Joseph Murray performed a kidney transplant on identical twins allowing for no immune rejection winning him the Nobel Prize and allowing the patient to live for eight years. The first heart transplant was conducted in 1967, but the patient died of Pneumonia from the anti-rejection drugs that weakened the immune system. The main cause of death for organ transplant patient in the following years through to the 1970’s was poor...
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..., A., Brown, C. V., Ali, S., Guitierrez, T., Elliot, E., & Dworaczyk, S. (2014). The Journal of Trauma Acute Care Surgery, 76(6), 1473-1475. Moraes, B. N., Bacal, F., Teixeira, M.C., & Fiorelli, A. I. (2009). Behavior profile of family members of donors and non-donors of organs. Transplant Procedures, 41(3), 799-801. Stein, R., (2007). New Zeal in Organ Procurement Raises Fears. Retrieved 2 July 2015 from Running Head: ORGAN DONATION Organ Donation 2 July, Need for Organ Donation Organ donation is the act of donating abody organ or a biological tissue to a recipient, who...
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