Organ Transplant: Business or Giving Life Second Chance - Essay Example

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The author states that organ transplantation serves as a surviving hope for many suffering from organ failure but regardless of the advances in the world of medicine, the need for patients available for transplantation greatly exceeds the number of organ donors. …
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Organ Transplant: Business or Giving Life Second Chance
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Download file to see previous pages According to a survey by UNO; in the USA after every 10 minutes, a new patient adds to the waiting list of national transplant providing hope to the patient, which is great credibility to the operation. Someone who dies or is definite to receives organ and has another chance at life. One death might create options for the continued life of several people. Depending on the conditions of death, many organs could be harvested from the same body to be provided to many other patients (Munson & Ronald, 2002). UNOS reports also focus that average of 18 people die every day because of either nonavailability of donors because most of the people living a healthy life are unaware of the donation process or they even do not think about making a donation in their lifetime. It is estimated that 90% of the population in a society support donation, save for the 30% that know the necessary measures to take in order to be a donor; however, there are no special formalities to make a donation these days.
It’s now ethically and religiously accepted by most of the societies to have transplant operation, as it is appreciated by all to save human life as the first priority. As the awareness is spreading around the world more people are getting involved in donating their organs in their life as previously most of the transplant organs were obtained from deceased bodies, which often lead to loss of the organ or transplant rejection. But nowadays this ratio has gone down significantly low as more people are making living donations. In 2011, there were over 9000 deceased organ donors and over 7000 living organ donors resulting in over 30000 transplants operations in the USA.
Organ transplantation serves as a surviving hope for many suffering from organ failure but regardless of the advances in the world of medicine, the need for patients available for transplantation greatly exceeds the number of organ donors.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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