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Mission Statement and Goal Objectives - Essay Example

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Running Head: mission statement and goal objectiives Health Sciences and Medicines [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] Abstract Latino is one of the fastest increasing populations in the United States with the number of children increasing every year…
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Mission Statement and Goal Objectives
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Extract of sample "Mission Statement and Goal Objectives"

Download file to see previous pages Obesity often leads to diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other deadly diseases that need to be curtailed in the present as well as in the future. It needs to be understood that social, economic, and psychological factors play an important role in promoting and curtailing health issues in a particular ethnic group. However, it can be considered as a mystery that Latino children are more prone to obesity than any other ethnic group (Rodriguez (2011) The discussion aims at highlighting key issues behind the obesity problems among the Latino children along with developing aims, goals and objectives to control it through effective programs and initiatives. There is no denying that goals and objectives should be SMART targeting the group in an impactful manner along with offering solutions within the stipulated time for better results. Obesity, being a global phenomenon is often considered as an obstacle crippling the young generation of the world but the impact has been severe on Latino community that needs to be assessed and understood for developing a healthy society (Alban (2009) It is important to change the environment rather than behavior as environment affects the behavior directly that is further driven by perceptions and ideas (Franzini, Keddie, 2001). The discussion highlights the importance of a well structured obesity program for Latino children aged 12-17 in order to make them aware on obesity problems along with guiding and educating them using wide arrays of programs and tools. Mission Statement The mission statement for obesity control program among Latino children is to offer a platform educating and creating awareness on obesity issues along with curtailing them through health care initiatives. The mission statement can be considered as very specific that aims at controlling obesity issues among Latino children along with changing their environment with a belief of changing their behavior, perception and attitude towards obesity. Obesity Program and its Focus The name of the obesity program is “Let’s Go” that highlights the importance of moving on with a group willing to achieve common aims and objectives. The focus would be on Latino children aged 12-17 along with focusing on their economic and social environment often being a factor of promoting obesity. Program Goals The program goals revolve around changing the perception and behavior of children through a thorough analysis on their food habits and environment. The program goals include: To include more than 1000 Latino children for the obesity control program to be continued for a month To understand reasons and opinions on obesity To analyze the impact of social and economic environment To include parents and health care communities in order to garner their opinions and views on obesity To create health care activities, diet regimens and active participation of children in sports related activities To offer Latino children a platform of fighting with obesity Program’s Objectives The program’s objectives include: To educate children and parents on obesity issues along with offering them solutions To create a sustainable environment pertaining to healthy life sans obesity and diseases To offer long term solutions rather short term solutions and thus continuous development activities every quarter It needs to be mentioned that the program’s goals and objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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