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Solutions for Staff Morale Problems - Essay Example

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Solutions for Staff Morale Problems Abstract The problem of medical staff morale problem is of crucial importance currently. There is a great responsibility of medical staff or people who take care of people with health problems and are responsible for their lives…
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Solutions for Staff Morale Problems
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Extract of sample "Solutions for Staff Morale Problems"

Download file to see previous pages On the one hand, it is an important variable in the work of medical staff. Codes of ethics have already become a definitive feature of business and personal daily routine. Organizations and professional associations develop codes of ethics, to ensure that their members and employees are committed to the principles of ethical performance and can successfully resolve ethical dilemmas. Personal codes of ethics exemplify a relatively new trend, when reflect the striving of individuals to fix their ethical commitments and beliefs on paper. Any personal code of ethics must include rationale, ethical statement, rules, and enforcement procedures. A feeling of value and respect should be mediated by nurses to their patients. It is also: “Morale is not a simple concept and the outcomes associated with high or low morale may impact upon staff turnover, attainment of organizational or personal goals, the ability to adopt new practices, learning new skills and the delivery of good customer service.”A professional growth and development of nurses is a great condition for further successful cooperation with their coworkers and patients’ care development (Day and Madison, 2006). Medical Staff Morale Problems Solutions In order to assist medical staff in their professional development and morale problems overcoming, it is relevant to develop special governmental assisting programs, which promote group cooperation and rational patient’s care. ...
With this regard, it is necessary to develop learning opportunities, promotional campaigns of decision making, helping patients and other skills’ development. The main drawback of staff morale problems prevention is poor communication, inefficient training, poor education etc (HealthReform.Gov). Morale problems should be solved in dynamics: “It can be argued that morale is such a complex and interwoven phenomenon that it cannot be viewed globally, with a few quick "tweaks" to provide the universal panacea - rather, it needs to be explored from a micro perspective, considering all the different elements that combine to create a feeling of workers cohesively striving for the same outcomes.” (Gary and Madison, 2006). They should be adapted and reconsidered in accordance with the changes of the modern society. There are no universal solutions to these problems. Every representative of medical staff has their own response to morale problems and thus it is relevant to deal with these problems individually. In order to improve morale of medical staff the American government has launched numerous programs and trainings. For example, Prince Charitable Trusts are directed on morale problems preventive programs for hospitals and medical personnel (HealthReform.Gov). A morale building program should be well-structured and have exact goals relevant to a certain hospital. A promotion of teambuilding activities is a focal point for these programs. Moreover, for every staff morale problem program development, it is necessary to have a relevant planning of a program, viable aspects of program focused on the needs of a certain hospital. Conclusion As far as we can see, a medical staff morale problem is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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