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People Shouldn't Get Blood Transplants - Essay Example

According to some studies blood transplants during surgical procedure consequently threatens the life of the patient, especially from strokes or heart attacks, and of acute health disorders like lymph glands cancer and pneumonia (The Daily Mail, 2010). The precise explanation for the possible negative effects of blood transplants on human beings remains unknown. However, it is not connected to infected blood transmitting disease. Rather, scientists are studying two feasible explanations. First is that donated blood, rather than strengthening the capacity of an ailing individual to defend himself/herself against illness, may make their immune system incapable of protecting itself from infections (The Daily Mail, 2010). Second is that transplants may set off swelling in the blood vessels, boosting the possibility of strokes and heart attacks after surgical treatment. This is due to the fact that at some point in its 30-day shelf life (The Daily Mail, 2010, 48), stocked up donated blood goes through major alterations that can make it lethal or poisonous for a number of beneficiaries. It is believed that noxious enzymes that are discharged by red blood cells and excreted from the body instead amass in stocked up blood and weaken the immune system. Scientists at the University of Kentucky discovered that undergoing less than a pint of blood transplant enhanced the possibility of death by 32% within 30 days (The Daily Mail, 2010, 48). A pint is the smallest quantity an individual is normally

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given. Majority requires roughly three pints to boost their capacity of recovering from a surgical procedure (Peterson, 2006). The research, made public by the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, examined a large number of patients going through surgical procedure for an array of health disorders, like appendicitis or hernia. In addition to an elevated possibility of dying, it discovered the risks of developing wound infections, pneumonia, or blood poisoning increased by 23% (The Daily Mail, 2010, 49) in comparison to research participants who did not receive blood transplants. The American Journal of Cardiology currently published a study at a time when growing findings indicate transplants may not just be needless but may in fact be threatening to several patients. Duke researchers, in previous investigations, discovered that patients with cardiovascular disease with hematocrit—a gauge of the amount of oxygen-carrying red blood cells— below 30 were more prone to experience another heart attack if they received blood transplants (Duke University, 2008, para 3). The researchers confirm that majority of physicians in the United States are educated to recommend a transplant when the hematocrit of a heart attack patient drops below 30 (Duke University, 2008, para 3). A Duke cardiologist, Dr. Sunil Rao, claims that “But that’s not based on good science. The first successful blood transfusion was done decades ago, and yet we still haven’t conducted the randomized, prospective clinical trials we need to do in order to find out which cardiac patients should get transfusions, and when they should get them” (Duke University, 2008, para 4). He adds that several transplants are required. For instance, in serious instances where patients become excessively anemic or experience serious loss of blood, transplant can prolong lives. Yet he believes doctors usually decide rashly to recommend blood transplant when it is unavoidable (Duke University,


Running Head: Health Sciences and Medicine People Shouldn’t Get Blood Transplants A Discussion Paper Name Name of Professor Blood transplants, since its introduction during the Second World War, have been considered as vital for patients going through surgery (The Daily Mail, 2010)…
People Shouldnt Get Blood Transplants
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