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Cure for Multiple sclerosis - Thesis Example

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The following essay aims to discuss the disease multiple sclerosis and the current state of its treatment and cure. The essay also throws light upon the life of a feminist writer and victim of MS Nancy Mairs in order to illustrate the problems faced by the people suffering from this disease. …
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Cure for Multiple sclerosis

Download file to see previous pages... The present study would focus on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as disseminated sclerosis is an inflammatory disease affecting the central nervous system (CNS) of the body. It damages the fatty myelin around the spinal cord and brain due to which demyelination and scarring occurs. The prevalence of disease is most common among the women and it usually occurs in the young adults. The disease was first time described in 1868 by Jean Martin Charcot. The disease affects the functioning and abilities of the nerves cells present in the brain and spinal cord and disallow them communicating with each other properly due to which the transmission of electrical signals is interrupted. Eventually, the immune system of the body attacks and damages myelin - an insulating substance and the axons fail to properly conduct the signals. There are several therapies recommended for the patients of MS for returning the functions after an attack. The therapies also work for preventing new attacks and for the prevention of further disabilities among the patients. The medication used for the treatment of MS generally has adverse effects upon the human health due to which there is great need of conducting extensive research work for finding the appropriate medicines and therapies for the treatment of MS. The experiences and feelings shared by Maris possess great important in the context of past, present and future status of MS disease diagnoses and treatment. The life and experiences of Nancy Mairs are discussed in the essay to explain the disparities and loneliness of the MS patients that look for the better treatment of their disease. The case of Nancy Mairs is also discusses to make people aware of the emotional pain encountered by the MS patients and the need for finding out the ways through which MS could be prevented and the people diagnosed with MS could also be provided with better care and treatment. The description about the life and emotions of Mairs also aims to create awareness among the people that there is great need of doing for the cure of MS and people must treat the MS patients in adequate manner to eliminate distress and anguish from their lives. The case of Nancy Mairs Nancy Mairs is an author that mostly focuses upon diverse issues and topics in her writings like spirituality, women problems and other social issues. Her experience with the disease Multiple Sclerosis is also an important point of concern in her writing from which she suffered at the age of 28 years. She described her experience as cripple and wrote pieces like On Being a Cripple, Sex and the Gimpy Girl and her memoir Waist high in the World. She describes her experiences and observations with life in her writing that she came across especially after diagnosed with MS. She wants to face the harsh reality and disclosed that she wants to be named as cripple because she always wants to accept the reality and want people to know about it. Mairs thinks that her disease is a reality just like any other thing in life like death; sex, war etc. and it is important to face the harsh reality rather hiding at to find false shelter for some time. Mairs writes in detailed about the uncertainty and mental struggle that she has to encounter due to lack of correct diagnosis at the early stage of the disease. She realized that she has changed a lot after the diagnosis of the disease. She always feels that she is lucky to have husband and children with her to care of her however, at the same time she also focuses upon the need of having some kind and caring people around her for providing assistance and support. Mairs always feels the essence of pity in people behaviour with her and felt that people feel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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