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Paget's Disease - Research Paper Example

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[Your full name] [Instructor’s full name] June 30, 2011 Paget’s disease Before going into the discussion regarding how the skeletal tissues and cells’ Paget's disease effects normal functioning of the body and how this disease alters body functioning, let us get a brief overview of what this disease actually is in order to get a better understanding of the issue…
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Pagets Disease Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Paget's Disease"

Download file to see previous pages Paget’s disease is mainly concerned with the functioning of bones of human body. When the bone breakdown and reformation process is in normal state, bones metabolize in the process of recycling. This process maintains the levels of calcium in normal form during blood circulation. “Individuals afflicted with Paget's disease suffer a kink in the works whereby this cycle does not go as planned” (Cornell). Paget’s disease affects the timing mechanism and bones recycling process, which results in making the bones weak and malformed. Paget’s disease usually occurs in the bones of legs, spine, pelvis, and skull. “Although it can affect any bone, the most commonly affected bones are the skull, the spine, the pelvis, the lower legs, and the thighs” (Kietzman). In the following section, we will discuss how this disease affects functioning of the human body. How Paget’s disease Affects Body Functioning Some of the most common symptoms of Paget’s disease include joint pain, bone pain, weak and malformed bones, and feelings of tingling and weakness. Paget’s disease can also affect hearing ability of a person. Moreover, this disease is also able to cause overgrowth of the skull bone. Medical professionals say that Paget’s disease can cause deformities and abnormalities in the bones. ...
Paget’s disease affects functioning of the body in a way that when it affects some bones, such as, skull bones, leg bones, or spine or pelvis bones, a person cannot perform his/her daily life functions easily because weak, broken, or misshaped bones do not let that person do anything properly. When bones become extra enlarged due to this disease, they pinch the adjacent nerves of the body, which results in the lack of feeling or lack of sensation regarding those parts of the body. Paget’s disease adversely affects the functioning of the human body. “This chronic disorder of the skeletal system can also cause the bone to break down, which can make the affected bones dense, yet fragile” (Kietzman). The bones affected due to this disease become more prone to breakage, which affect overall functioning of the human body. Paget’s disease disrupts the renewal and repair processes of the bones making them weak and delicate. “Pain, skeletal deformity, and fracture may develop because of structurally inferior bone” (Wermers, Tiegs, Atkinson, Achenbach, and Melton). In this disease, the total number of bone cells increase which speeds up renewal and repair process of the bones making them grow rapidly. The increase in the bone cells’ activities results in increasing the overall flow of blood in the bones making them larger and abnormal in shape. The bones, which are affected due to Paget’s disease, become deformed affecting the working of joints. Paget’s disease affects the skeletal tissues and cells, which make the bones of the body weak and deformed. This disease limits the activities of a person because a person, who is affected by this disease, feels it very difficult to perform exhausting daily life ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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