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Obesity in elementary school and how it affects students grades and socialization - Research Paper Example

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This essay describes the negative effect of the obesity on the children's physical and mental health. Childhood obesity is causing big problems to the children in elementary schools. Such children usually underperform in their studies and may face big socializing problems. …
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Obesity in elementary school and how it affects students grades and socialization
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"Obesity in elementary school and how it affects students grades and socialization"

Download file to see previous pages This essay "Obesity in elementary school and how it affects student’s grades and socialization" describes the consequences of the obesity on the health and the problem of the integration in the society of obese children. A healthy mind will develop only in a healthy body. Obesity destroys physical health and therefore it affects the development of healthy mind. Moreover, only healthy children or non-obese children are capable of playing any games they like whereas obese children may not do so because of their lack of mobility due to obese body. The constraints developed against the free movement and the subsequent harassment received from fellow students may destroy the self-confidence or self-esteem of obese students. They may think that they are physically handicapped because of their obese body and these inferiority feeling lead them towards a depressed stage. Obese children may face lot of harassment not only in schools but also in the society as well. While traveling in buses or trains, obese people need extra space which may attract severe criticism, unnecessary comments and teasing from others. All these things may lead towards the development of negative thoughts which is the major reason for many of the psychological diseases. Depression may appear in different forms. Sometimes depressed students may take shelter in over eating and spending more time in front of the computers or internet. Thus the obesity problem may get worse and finally it may adversely affect their studies and socialization skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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