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FitMath - Essay Example

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The objectives of the paper target the analysis of educational and health data regarding afterschool programs, America’s health and wellness among youth and academic performance. The paper helps to discern better the impact of diet, lifestyle and family on schooling and socio-emotional development…
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Extract of sample "FitMath"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research facing the dilemma between scholastic education and extracurricular and health education can be daunting, especially in the light of the impetus to heighten academic performance in schools. FitMath attempts to bridge the gap between physical education and academia by implementing a syllabus involving physical activity, using it as a pathway to reach out to young students who need in so much. FitMath fits Math into the curriculum, allowing students to profit from interdisciplinary learning via health education. In tandem with mathematics, fields such as biology, anatomy, physiology and physics will be open to them. Launched by the US government as a programmed new approach towards education, FitMath’s objectives consist of a merger of “the guiding principles in the Massachusetts Department of Education Mathematics and Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks, by utilizing aerobics and fitness as a means to support a better understanding of mathematical vocabulary and concepts.” Active participation will bear the fruits of a healthier lifestyle, a more confident perception of one’s own physical abilities and stronger grasp in English Language and Science. To assess the effectiveness of FitMath, researchers have decided to conduct an in-depth survey on the participants of five FitMath centers in Massachusetts. By obtaining quantitative and qualitative data, researchers will have a better understanding of FitMath’s impact on students, staff and families. ...
1.3 Participants Participants in this survey are 200 students, 20 educators and 80 parents of students. The targeted age group for students is 10-15 years (grades 6 to 9). A 50/50 gender distribution between male and female students is preferred for better cohort comparison. Seeing that a wide performance gap exists between ethnicities, both minority and majority students will be approached to take this assessment to determine FitMath’s ability to close the vacuum and equalize achievements. Participants that will be excluded from this study are infrequent attendees that have missed more than a month of work for the year to date. This step has been taken to ensure that respondents have been receiving optimal training from the FitMath program. To protect the identities of assessment takers, surveys have been resubmitted anonymously to ensure that respondents are allowed freedom to express views unhindered, without fear or favor. 1.4 Qualitative study The qualitative component of the study seeks to acquire from respondents their views on school, FitMath, teachers and social development. Opinions gathered are confidential and will only serve to understand social, economical and educational backgrounds of participants. Questions seek to elicit from respondents their own estimation of their social and educational abilities and their perspectives in their core relationships, forming the support network. Data collected here would help boost the knowledge base on student lifestyles that ultimately affect study habits. 1.5 Quantitative study Statistics gleaned are confidential and will only serve to understand social, economical and educational backgrounds of participants. Personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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