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Dental Erosion in Human Tooth When Exposed to Coffee and Tea - Research Paper Example

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Dental Erosion in human tooth when exposed to coffee and tea 1. Introduction The effective treatment of a health problem requires the identification of its causes; in this way, measures can be developed for preventing the problem to appear in the future – or at least to reduce its effects…
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Dental Erosion in Human Tooth When Exposed to Coffee and Tea
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Download file to see previous pages In order to check the role of drinks – especially of coffee and tea – in the development of dental erosion it would be necessary to refer primarily to the characteristics of dental erosion, as a common dental problem for children and adults. Also, the reference to the structure of tea and coffee it would be necessary – to identify those ingredients that are mainly responsible, if such case exists, for the dental erosion, either in the short or the long term. Finally, the factors that affect teeth enamel need to be presented, emphasizing on coffee and tea. It is proved that coffee and tea are safe alternatives instead of soft drinks or other beverages in order to prevent dental erosion. 2. Dental erosion as related to the consumption of coffee and tea 2.1 Dental erosion, definition and history In accordance with Slootweg (2007) the dental erosion can be described as ‘the loss of dental hard tissues due to chemical injuries other than those occurring in tooth caries’ (Slootweg 2007, 29. ...
ings also lead to the following assumption: because erosion is related to diet it would be more difficult to be confronted, being caused by food and drinks which are part of the everyday diet of most people – for instance, coffee or soft drinks. Soft drinks have been related to erosion because of the acids they contain; indeed, it has been proved that the following acids can increase the risk of erosion, depending the level at which drinks including such acids are consumed: ‘phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid, malic acid and tartaric acid’ (Briony and Bishop 2007, 412). On the other hand, it seems that the effects of these acids on dental enamel can be differentiated across people, in accordance with the structure of the teeth and the ability of the saliva to control the effects of the acids (Briony and Bishop 2007). The causes of dental erosion should be thoroughly checked since it is a problem widely expanded across people of all ages, especially children and teenagers – who are most likely to consume soft drinks. It should be noted that dental erosion has to be treated early because after destroying the enamel it can cause damages to the dentin, setting the tooth or teeth involved in risk, meaning that the extraction of the tooth might be required for preventing the damage to be expanded further (Slootweg 2007). 2.2 Tea and coffee structure The reference to the coffee structure is necessary in order to understand the reasons for which these two drinks can cause dental erosion; in fact, it seems that the erosive activity of these drinks is related to their ingredients, as explained below. On the other hand, the consumption of these drinks several times during the day, would be considered as another factor increasing their erosive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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