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Teeth Erosion - Lab Report Example

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Teeth Erosion (#744337) Introduction During the lifetime of a human being, the teeth are subjected to a variety of physical and chemical forces which causes it to wear. Some of the common forms of wear include abrasion where the physical wear of the teeth occurs due to excessive brushing or chewing of certain kinds of foods…
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Teeth Erosion
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Download file to see previous pages This report discusses the erosion of teeth that has occurred due to the sustained effect of tea and herbal tea. Erosion in Teeth-Effects of Tea and Coffee Though there are a host of chemical factors, biological factors and other factors related to oral hygiene, this report shall focus on the erosion of teeth due to behavioural factors. These behavioural factors include unhealthy eating and drinking habits and high consumption of acidic foods, tea and coffee. It has been noted that there are certain brands of herbal teas containing rose hip and lemon that have pH values in the range of 2.6-3.9. Since pH of 7 is considered to be neutral i.e neither acidic nor basic, a pH of 2.6 throws up several challenges as more the time this fluid is in contact with the teeth, the chances of erosion are higher. It has to be noted that during remineralisation cycles Fluoride present in our teeth, forms fluorapatite. (Adrian Lussi, 2006) However interaction of this layer with acidic food products causes it to dissolve leaving the tooth surface open to erosion. Erosion of teeth due to coffee on the other hand is because of generation of gastric juice which finds its way into the mouth. (L. Shaw & A.J. Smith, Feb 1998) Gastro-Oesophageal reflux (GOR) is backward movement of acid generated in stomach beyond the lower oesophageal upto the mouth. The pH value is higher than the acids caused due to tea and hence the teeth erosion is more profound. The content is high in hydrochloric acid and causes thinning of the enamel. Later as this spreads the molar and premolar teeth are also affected. Symptoms that indicate whether a person is suffering from GORD include continuous burning sensation close to the heart area and regurgitation or the feeling of throwing up. (Adrian Lussi, 2006) Some samples of teeth images that have been subject to excessive herbal tea and coffee are listed below to make a comparative study. Source: Adult teeth sample exposed to herbal tea at 100µm, Lab Images Source: Adult teeth sample exposed to coffee at 100µm, Lab Images Source: Adult teeth sample exposed to herbal tea at 2µm, Lab images Source: Adult teeth sample exposed to coffee at 2µm, Lab images The comparison of the erosion of the teeth to both tea and coffee in the images for the 100µm range offers the following facts 1. The lower pH and hence the more gastric acid generating coffee has shown a wider degree of tooth erosion compare to herbal tea. Source: Baby teeth sample exposed to coffee at 2µm, Lab images 2. The figures have been split into 2 sections; those taken ay 100µm and those at 2µm. The images for 100µm show that the teeth exposed to coffee have a fish scale like appearance and heavy duty cracking with enamel layers almost peeling off. Severe presence of cracks is also noticed on the surface. The teeth exposed to herbal tea also show deterioration with the surface witnessing rough scaly discontinuities. 3. More magnification in the 2µm show that compared to the teeth exposed to herbal tea, the coffee exposed teeth had severe degree of pitting across its surface. 4. The baby tooth that has been exposed to coffee does not show significant erosion but the beginning of surface layer peeling has begun. Also if one were to compare the images at 2µm for the adult and baby, the former shows a significant amount of pitting that has taken place on its surface in addition to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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