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Dental Erosion in Human Tooth Enamel causing by coffee and tea - Research Paper Example

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The Effects of Tea and Coffee on the Human Tooth. Contents Introduction page 1 Thesis page 1 Method page 1 Normal Human Dentition page 2 Factors which affect dental health page 3 Literature Review page 3 Discussion page 7 Suggestions to minimize the negative effects of coffee and tea consumption page 8 References page 9 Introduction Most humans want to preserve their own teeth as long as is possible, yet at the same time they regularly consume large quantities of both food and drink that attacks their teeth from an early age…
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Dental Erosion in Human Tooth Enamel causing by coffee and tea

Download file to see previous pages... If it is accepted that excessive consumption has an effect, what is this, why is this and what should be done? Method An internet search will be conducted using search terms such as ‘Human dentition’, ‘Effects of certain drinks on tooth enamel’, ‘Caries and consumption of tea and coffee.’ ‘Properties of tea and coffee’. The results will be analyzed and discussed and possible future practice discussed. Normal Human Dentition In the first instance dentition consists of a total of 20 deciduous teeth. These usually begin to emerge from the gums at about 6 months of age . From about the age of 7 they are gradually lost and replaced by more permanent dentition. This process of loss an d replacement continues until about the age of 13. Permanent teeth that replace the early deciduous teeth are referred to as successional teeth. The permanent molars which replace nothing, and which eventually bring the number of teeth in the larger adult jaw to 32, are described as accessional teeth. They continue to emerge during the teens and early twenties. There are 8 incisors, 4 in each jaw. These have the task of cutting up food, supporting the lips and aiding in speech articulation. There are two canines in each jaw. They serve in humans similar functions to the incisors and as guides to occlusion. The premolars and molars are known as cheek teeth. Molars in the lower jaw differ slightly from those in the upper jaw in having only two rather than three jaws. The premolars aid in eating as well as serving in shaping the face. The molars assist in grinding and chewing food. Each tooth, when intact has a protective 96% hard mineral layer of enamel. Beneath this is a layer of dentin which is found in both crown and root. It lines the pulp cavity. The anatomic root has a surface cover of cementum which helps to anchor the tooth in place. The innermost part of each tooth is referred to as the pulp. During the life of each tooth it has nutritive, sensory and formative functions. Factors which affect oral health Apart from lack of a regular oral hygiene routine there are a number of factors which can have a negative effect on dental health. These are dental caries, acid erosion and periodontal disease. The Tea and Oral Health Sheet ( undated )1 describes how :- Caries is caused by bacterial acid production in tooth plaque, which can cause deep localized lesions if it remains too near the tooth for any length of time. It is believed by the authors that acid in food and drink contributes considerably to dental Erosion, but although both coffee and black tea make acidic drinks they are less acidic than many alternative choices such as fizzy drinks. . Literature review. According to MedlinePlus 20112 a single cup of tea:- contains approximately 50 milligrams of caffeine, depending on the strength and size of cup (as compared to coffee which contains 65 to 175 milligrams of caffeine per cup). Tea also contains polyphenols (catechins, anthocyanins, phenolic acids), tannin, trace elements, and vitamins. Under the heading ‘Harmful Ingredients in Tea and Coffee?’ ( 2003) 3 we are told that leaf tea contains :- 6% water, 2% caffeine, 17% albumin, 8% various soluble substances, 2% dectrine, 3% pectic acid and pictine , 17% tannic acid, 4% ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Fruit Juices on the Dental Erosion in Human Tooth Enamel
The changing lifestyle pattern of human beings which incorporates consumption of acidic substances like soft drinks and fruit juices has been a major contributor for the development and progression of dental erosion. Immense research in this field has strongly indicated a definite connection between the role of fruit juices and soft drinks and the development of dental erosion.
10 Pages(2500 words)Research Paper
Human Tooth
Crown is the part of tooth that is visible. It goes inside the gum where it forms the root of the tooth. Enamel is the hardest substance in the body that covers the crown. Beneath the enamel lies the dentine, which is visible in case the crown is damaged.
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
The effect of coffee and tea on dental erosion
When either tea or coffee is consumed, the tannic acid finds its way to the grooves and pits of the enamel of the teeth as a result of which, the teeth may stain yellow and then brown in extreme cases. The hygiene of teeth is a fundamental part of the overall health of an individual.
2 Pages(500 words)Research Paper
Dental Erosion in Human Tooth When Exposed to Coffee and Tea
Current paper focuses on dental erosion as related to the consumption of drinks like coffee and tea. Dental erosion can cause severe damages to the teeth, especially if it is not treated on time. The empirical research developed in this field proved that the risks for dental erosion caused by food and drinks are not similar; for instance, soft drinks are more likely to cause dental erosion compared to tea, the erosive effect of which is quite limited – compared to soft drinks, as proved through the research developed for this paper.
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Health Sciences - Tooth Erosion
As it can be observed from the graphs that weight loss ratio is much higher in adults as compared to babies. It was noted that from herbal tea samples that the weight loss in adults is around 1.04 and in babies, it is 0.29.
6 Pages(1500 words)Lab Report
The Impact of Fruit Juices on the Dental Erosion in Human Tooth Enamel
My thanks also go out to my teacher who was of immense help in helping me prepare the teeth samples and in take the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) samples for the experiment. Second Method Abstract In the second method, the project will also utilize Scanning Electron Microscope Images to help present a clear illustration of the harmful, erosive effects of drinking orange juice on the human teeth.
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Teeth Erosion Research Paper
Teeth erosion has become a persistent contemporary issue among many people, the aged and the young. Young people specifically have been adversely affected. Uncountable studies have been undertaken, relating food and drinks’ contents to the problem of dental erosion.
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Benefits of green tea on oral health
This study seeks to identify the oral health benefits of green tea through the available literature and points out the need for future research where necessary. The findings have proved that green tea reduces the risk of esophageal and oral cancers, prevents cavities, control periodontal diseases, prevents loss of teeth and enhances mouth breath.
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Why do bioacchaeologists pay so much attention to human dental remains
parts of the human body that do not decompose for a long period of time, bioarchaeologists are some of the few individuals who takes time in studying the human bone and teeth remains. The compilation and assembly of the human skeletal inventory enables Bioarchaeologists to
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Benefits of green tea on oral health
involves the procedure of maintaining the teeth and mouth clean to inhibit dental complications, most frequently, gingivitis, bad breath and dental cavities. There are oral pathologic illnesses that effective oral hygiene is needed for regeneration and healing of the dental
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