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Basic Leadership Skills in Health Care Environment - Assignment Example

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The paper "Basic Leadership Skills in Health Care Environment " describes that the role of a team leader is very important. It includes coaching, mentoring and active participation. The role of the team leader depends on the nature of the group, its readiness for empowerment and its stage of development. …
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Basic Leadership Skills in Health Care Environment
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Download file to see previous pages In recent times there has been debate over whether leaders are born or these skills can be acquired. Social scientist has attempted to identify the traits, behavior, sources of power or aspects of a situation that makes a leader standout and influence followers to accomplish group objectives. The effectiveness of a leader depends a lot on his following i.e. how the followers follow.
This paper aims at studying in detail what is leadership? Different accepted styles and theories of leadership, development and understanding of the role of a team leader as well as the limitations to their authority with special reference to the health and social care. Some leadership skills such as planning, time management, effective communication and conflict management will also be discussed.
Leadership is very vital and its importance is widely accepted. In order to understand fully different theories of leadership we first need to have a clear picture of what leadership is all about. It may sound simple but in fact, leadership is a very complex and complicated social process which depends not only the ways of thinking, vision, creativity, knowledge, skills characteristics and values of the leader but also the followers (Adair). Leadership is not all about aura and charisma of a person but a good leader is one who can see the clear picture of the present understands it’s various aspects and through his vision can guide its followers to the bright future. The ability to give hope and direction is especially required in the health and social sector.
Good leadership (V.Gallos)is emotional; it compels drives and motivates you to achieve something. It is a continuous process of building and maintaining the relationship between the follower and the leader. In its spirit, it is multidimensional which encompasses different skills, vision, process, map, issues, organization levels, cultures, policies, practices and issues.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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