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Identifying Developmental Issues - Essay Example

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Elsie seems to have undergone tremendous amount of change in recent times with respect to physical, cognitive, social as well as emotional aspects.
The physical changes that have taken place in Elsie are primarily due to her growing age. …
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Identifying Developmental Issues
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Download file to see previous pages She is currently seventy three years old and her eyesight has become feeble. She had fallen while being alone, which resulted in bruises on her face and upper arms; implying that her body mechanisms along with organs have become more prone to internal and external injuries. There seems to be a contraction of nerve cells which has slowed down the activity of brain and other critical parts of the body leading to drastic physical changes. Cognitive Changes Cognitive changes are visible in the form of Elsie’s altered reasoning processes as she is unable to handle the banking related activities any more, with Joan doing that on her behalf. In addition, she is no longer capable of performing the household chores and other tasks which require basic levels of intelligence, memory and information processing. In this manner, her cognitive abilities have sharply declined with time. Social Changes The social changes in Elsie have been quite discerning as she has ceased contact with the outside world, with Joan handling all the shopping, bill paying and laundry activities for her. This suggests that Elsie’s communication with the society has shrivelled rapidly over the last few years. She has become an introvert as her interaction and relations with the social world have died down considerably. Emotional Changes As far as the emotional changes are concerned, it can be inferred from the case study that her general feelings and sentiments have changed with the emotions of fear and sadness assuming a more prominent role, as exhibited during the situation when Elsie cries on the notion of being transferred to an aged care facility. She tends to be more grief and depressed, thereby becoming susceptible to panic and fright. The emotional changes have played a major role in altering her personality and decreasing her self confidence. Question no. 2 Elsie’s developmental status can be assessed by adopting a variety of research methods and techniques such as interviews, observations, self reports, evaluation by others and assessments on the basis of performance and psycho-physiology (Cavanaugh & Blanchard-Fields, 2006). Elsie can be asked to write a report describing her personality and recent experiences, which can help in getting to know about her. With the help of observations, Elsie’s behaviour and conduct can be monitored for a certain period of time, which will assist in knowing about her demeanour and attitude. Another method to evaluate her behaviour and mannerisms is by inquiring the views of the people who live close to her. Likewise, the assessment of her developmental status can be carried out by allocating certain controlled tasks to her and then monitoring her performance. In my opinion, the most relevant method to weigh up her developmental status would be conducting a clinical interview with her. Such an interview would help in learning about her life, personality and behaviour, through verbal and non verbal cues. It will also be useful in establishing an understanding with her which could prove to be valuable in extracting pertinent information about her past too. However, considering Elsie’s age, the interview will have to be conducted in a cautious manner, keeping in mind her cognitive and physical deficiencies. Other techniques mentioned above can also be employed in conjunction with the interview, though, care should be taken to employ them in a delicate and thoughtful manner. Question no. 3 In order to examine this situation completely, I would need more information about Elsie. Firstly, it would be very difficult to proceed ahead with the case without learning about Elsie’s recent behaviour in a detailed manner. For this purpose, Joan would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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