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Estimation of Anaerobic Power and Demonstration of Blood Lactate Testing - Lab Report Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the estimation of anaerobic power and demonstration of blood lactate testing. The Wingate test used for determination of anaerobic power of the lower limb during physical exercise…
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Estimation of Anaerobic Power and Demonstration of Blood Lactate Testing
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the definition of the anaerobic power as an expression used for the maximal exercise up to a maximum of a few minutes and the energy consumed during the exercise given in large measure without necessitating oxygen, since glycogen and the stored phosphagenesin the muscles would only last for the few minutes. At the beginning of a physical exercise, ready energy material is used and therefore no formation of lactate happens. After the exercise has lasted for some time, lactate formed by the breakdown of glycogen without oxygen. When no complete elimination of lactate occurs by buffer systems of the body, lactate production becomes excessive and it accumulates in the muscles and blood. If glycogen stored in the muscle and blood decrease, the exercises slow down and when the aerobic procedures undertaken are not sufficient, we cannot maintain the action any longer. Lactate is a type of metabolic product measured by taking a sample of blood at the fingertip, the same way people who are diabetic monitor their blood sugar level. The blood lactate level increases with physical activity and shows the transition of aerobic activity to anaerobic activity. The measurement is completely individual hence; it gives a precise method for testing and monitoring exercise intensity and recovery. Anaerobic activity indicated by the accumulation of blood lactate during physical activity or exercise. Lactate testing is the most important predictor of performance in event, which last for a significantly long period. These activities include cycling, running, swimming, and even long distance jogging. During exercise, lactate is produced as a by- product of metabolism. Exercising proper balance between lactate production and lactate absorption is the key to effective training and exercise. The Wingate test used for determination of anaerobic power of the lower limb during physical exercise. Previous research has shown that the main source of ATP resynthesis for anaerobic test lasting 30 seconds or more is the breakdown of phosphiocreatine and muscle glucoses with lactate production. The measurements of the amount of lactate in the blood during physical exercise yield important information regarding the frequency of workload and on its scope, on resting-recovery process. The aim of this experiment is to determine effect of the Wingate test on blood lactate. The correlation between PP, RPP and blood lactate will be experimented. This experiment will also determine if there exist any relationship between the type of physical activity and post exercise blood lactate. Method Table X: Characteristics of the participants Subject Gender Their age Their Height Their Weight Chosen Activity A female 31 1.63 50.55 swimming B male 25 1.711 75.6 Soccer C female 27 1.50 55.38 Dancing D male 31 1.67 80.2 swimming Avarage 28 1.61 65.4325 (Inbar, 1996) Participants: four students (2male, 2male) with a mean height (1.62), age (29 ) and weight ( 65.4325kg) from Chicago University willingly accepted to participate in Wingate test. All the participants were in good health. The information regarding the participants is presented in table X. Apparatus The following is a list of apparatus that were used: an Accuntrend portable whole blood lactate analyzer was used together with lactate test strips, Reflotron dispenser, capillary tubes, alcohol swabs, hand sanitizer, band aids, tissue, stop watch, monark cycle ergometer, gloves, goggles and an apron. Procedure The weight of each participant was measured and recorded in kilograms. The load which was applied during the test was calculated by multiplying the weight of the participants by 0.085. The resting heart rate of the participant was then recorded by an automatic heart rate monitor device. Their resting blood lactate was then tested. An ergometer was then used to warm up the participants. This was done by peddling at allow intensity with zero load while the testers made sure that the ergometer was set up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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