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NOTES - Essay Example

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Week 2 – Rural Health Alliance Kevin Rudd – Labor Party leader who aimed to reform Australian health to end waiting lists, blame game -Rudd proposed that the Commonwealth take over healthcare, with Canberra in control -After Rudd's election in 2007, new developments: National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission (NHHRC), a National Primary Healthcare Strategy, a Preventative Health Task-force, and a National Preventative Health Strategy -NHHRC was given terms of reference by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), and expected to fulfill the Australian Health Care Agreements (AHCA) -AHCAs were under debate due to disagreement over how much federal funding should be provided to ass…
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Download file to see previous pages Accessible, affordable care that is timely, appropriate to culture 2. Informative 3. Focused on preventative care 4. Continuous care for those with ongoing conditions 5. Safe, high quality care that always improves 6. Better management of health information 7. Flexibility in responding to needs of community 8. Excellent working environments 9. Quality education and training 10. Cost-effective and fiscally sustainable system National Health Care Strategy draft featured 4 priorities: 1. Improving access and reducing inequity 2. Better management of chronic conditions 3. Increasing the focus on prevention 4. Improving quality, safety, performance, and accountability -Preventative Health Task-force: required to provide evidence and advice on framework for Preventative Health Partnerships, a three year work program, a National Preventative Health Strategy, advice on other matters from the Ministry of Health and Ageing – also focuses on drug, alcohol, and tobacco related health as a focus -Overall goals of the health reform: end obesity problem, minimize daily smoking below 9%, reduce prevalence of harmful drinking, close the life expectancy gap between natives and non-natives Week 3 – Aboriginal Health Policy -Data survey is presented—collected from 72 interview from the indigenous population in the North Territories, and their health providers -Known issue: culturally sensitive health care is not often available -This study affirms importance of having Aboriginal health workers -Health services need to relate to indigenous beliefs and practices -Health care models that succeed put aboriginal families in the center, in control -Research asked: What system exists? What works? What is needed still? -Interviews included patients, carer, Aboriginal Health Workers, health care workers, and interpreters -”balanda” -word referring to non-indigenous people, from “Hollander” -Aboriginal people have an honest fear of white people, of language barrier in medical care -They are frightened by medical technology and Western medicine -They believe that white medical professionals and Western medicine doesn't care about them -They see Western medicine as failing to respect their own culture of healing, where a medical expert must be recognized as part of tradition (called ownership of knowledge) -Aboriginal medical workers speak the native language and understand their own people better, and thus are preferred -It is important to recognize body language of patients, which non-aboriginal workers fail to do -overall, cross-cultural understanding and being a mediator between 2 cultures is key -Empowerment of aboriginal people as health workers is necessary for improvement -There ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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...arents. The unemployed parent might not be able to meet with the teacher due to family obligations or the labor involved in searching for employment. The teachers insensitivity might dissuade this person from coming in to speak during the evening. The emphasis on e-mail communication might keep parents from setting up personal appointment times or communicating through handwritten notes. Establishing clear lines of communication that are accessible to all is important when trying to build strong school-parent-community partnerships (Epstein, 2001a). The teacher could have showed more sensitivity to parents when extending the invitation to meet with them until 8:00 on some evenings. While this is remarkable, the teacher could have...
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Raizman, D. (2003). History of modern design: graphics and products since the Industrial Revolution. Laurence King Publishing.
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