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Analysis of X-ray based angiography systems in the interest of cost-effectiveness and patient health - Research Paper Example

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The importance of flexible, cost-effective alternatives to surgical catheterization are evaluated and compared via literature meta-analysis. Traditional surgical methods of angiography are compared with X-ray based systems…
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Analysis of X-ray based angiography systems in the interest of cost-effectiveness and patient health
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Extract of sample "Analysis of X-ray based angiography systems in the interest of cost-effectiveness and patient health"

Download file to see previous pages The 320 detector-row is contrasted with the 64 detector-row systems. Patient factors that can affect the findings of X-ray based angiography are defined and evaluated. The 320-detector row system provides advantages in terms of patient safety, as well as overall cost. OBJECTIVE : Diagnostic comparison between 320 detector-row CT and 64 detector-row scan protocols and dosages to determine image quality, sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy. Research projects focus on literature reviews. KEYWORDS Angiogram, Angiography, Computed Tomography, Coronary Artery Disease, Multi-Slice, X-ray INTRODUCTION Coronary artery disease (CAD) can be counted as the preeminent cause of death in western industrialized countries. In fact, CAD is the single most important cause of death in Australia and New Zealand. (Sun, 2009) To better quantify this risk factor, more than 1 million instances of an invasive diagnostic coronary angiography operation are conducted annually in the United States alone, as part of billions of dollars spent for treatment costs of coronary artery disease, and just under 4 billion in Australia....
To that end, non-invasive X-ray angiography techniques are being pioneered as a similarly effective alternative without the surgical risks. In most cases, this alternative takes the form of X-ray angiography using selective contrast injection through cardiac catheterization. (de Feyter, 2004) Other methods involving multi-slice, computed tomography scanners (MSCT) have also proven successful. (Nieman et al. 2001) CT is an effective option suited for the evaluation of patients with varying levels of risk for coronary disease, allowing a non-invasive option that minimizes surgical complications, at relatively low cost. (Schuijf et al. 2006) But there are still outstanding issues necessary for the improvement of the process for yet greater gains in efficiency and safety. Radiation exposure and possible poisonings is always a source of concern. The principle issue is a scan high enough to reduce image noise and deliver acceptable quality; yet not so high that there is real risk of radiation damage to the patient, or for that matter the radiologist operators. It will be necessary to assess and contrast this factor also, in delineating between the available methods of CT-scanning. Part 2 Methodology In terms of the options available to clinicians, there are cardiac catheterizations via physical surgery, or these X-ray-based methods described herein. Either the 64 row or the 320 row can provide medically useful data without surgery; but in terms of overall patient health, we must return to radiation once again as an essential consideration. A variety of investigations have compared the benefits of X-ray based tomography systems compared to actual cardiac catheterization, and these methods undergo continuous evalation and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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