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The dissertation "Diabetic Foot Treatment" is aimed to observe the effect of the management of diabetic foot ulcers based on metabolic parameters as well as the use of combination antibiotics, debridement, surgical shoes and strict follow up at a Consultant Diabetologist led diabetic foot clinic…
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Diabetic Foot Treatment
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Download file to see previous pages This in turn helped me to gather information and helped me in my research work.

Podiatrist at Diabetic Foot Clinic, Orsett.
Stephen King MChS Chief Podiatrist.
Sandra Warn MChS Senior Podiatrist

Wendy Bristow MChS Senior Podiatrist.

Specialist Group of Podiatrist who taught me the debridement of foot ulcer and care of the charcot foot.

Dr John Tuppen PECK Chair, BBW PCT supported my application for doing the Masters in Diabetic Foot Care.

Dr. Mira Varagunam Ph D Statistician helped me in going through the statistical analysis meticulously and with a great deal of patience. Her valuable and timely advice helped me to compile the statistical analysis,

Basildon PGC Library

Middlesex University Library
Objectives - To observe the effect of the management of diabetic foot ulcers based on metabolic parameters such as HbA1c, Total Cholesterol, Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio and Blood Pressure as well as the use of combination antibiotics, debridement, surgical shoes and strict follow up at a Consultant Diabetologist led diabetic foot clinic.
Research Design & Methods- A 5-year retrospective study of 155 patients with active foot ulceration or charcot neuropathy managed by Consultant Diabetologist and Specialist Podiatrist in Orsett Diabetic Foot Clinic at Basildon, Essex from year 2001 to 2005. The study was carried out to compare and analyzed metabolic parameters at first presentation and at discharge from the clinic. Antibiotic therapy, debridement, surgical shoes and other management procedure were carefully evaluated to achieve the clinical outcome of treatment.
Results- Out of 155 diabetic patients, 51% were classified with grade 3 ulcer and 17% with...
The pathogenesis of foot ulceration is complex, clinical presentation is variable, and its management requires early expert assessment (Sharma, 2006). It is important that an aggressive multidisciplinary approach is warranted to manage such patients and reduce risk of death from other co-morbid conditions (Gill, 2002).
Diabetic patients with foot disorders continue to challenge clinicians and healthcare practitioners in the management of the disease. Numerous studies have estimated the yearly incidence of foot ulcers to be between 1-4% and prevalence between 5-10%, with a lifetime risk of 15% in patients with diabetes (Reiber, 2001). In addition, diabetic patients admitted to hospital demonstrate about 6-20% had a lower extremity ulcer condition, and 59% longer length of hospital stay compared those patients without foot ulcers (Reiber, 1996).
Although the prevalence of diabetes shows a very low percentage of 3-5% of the population half of these diabetic patients undergo non-traumatic, lower extremity amputations (Slovenkai, 1998). And patients with diabetic foot ulcers titrate up to 85% of amputation (Reiber, 1996).

Most often, the foot is overlooked in the management of diabetic patients. Failure to control diabetic foot ulcers at an early stage can lead to life-threatening infection or amputation. It is important to educate patients about preventive care of the foot, glycemic control, daily foot hygiene and appropriate footwear to reduce risk of infection or even amputation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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