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The Manufactured Landscape of Palm Jumeirah - Coursework Example

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"The Manufactured Landscape of Palm Jumeirah" paper focuses on Palm Jumeriah, the world’s smallest man-made island. Though it is an excellent piece of art in the history of modern engineering some of the issues which have been seen after its construction are affecting the tourist flow…
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The Manufactured Landscape of Palm Jumeirah
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Extract of sample "The Manufactured Landscape of Palm Jumeirah"

Download file to see previous pages Palm Jumeirah was designed and constructed by HHCP architects. Basically it is one of the three planned islands under the project named "The Palm Trilogy"; the other two projects are Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. But Palm Jumeirah is the first and smallest of the three projects of "The Palm Trilogy" (Gibling 2013). Thus, the Dubai Palm islands are considered as "Wonder of Engineering" (Zulfiqar 2014) because nothing of such has been built in the history of modern Engineering.

Though palm tree-shaped "Palm Jumeirah" was launched in 2001 the residence of the island started by the end of 2006. This residence included 4000 luxury villas and apartments. Since 2006, well- renowned residential and tourism destination has been developed on the Palm Jumeirah. And in 2009, the Palm Jumeriah Monorail was launched for the public. This monorail was the first in the Middle East which connects the trunk of Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis Aqua venture Station on the crescent (The Palm, United Arab Emirates 2014).

Palm Jumeriah will be the future home for 5-star beachfront hotels which will have a capacity of 25,000 guests, approximately 60,000 residents. Apart from the hotels, it includes theme parks, resorts, restaurants, and other such recreational activities for the tourists. It is expected that Palm Jumeriah will be the future home of many Hollywood, Bollywood actors, and many football players as well (Sochacka, and Batko 2014).

According to a feasibility study done in the United Arab Emirates, the major source income that is its oil supply is expected to finish. Therefore Prince decided to make Dubai the topmost tourist attraction (Singh 2013). But Palm Jumeirah was built for various other purpose but the following were the few reasons.

Dubai is considered the richest place in the world, and its major source of income is its oil industry. Statistics had revealed that by the end of 2016, oil reserves of Dubai will be finished. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Manufactured Landscape of Palm Jumeirah Coursework.
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