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Landscape Painting Description - Essay Example

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In this discussion, the focus will be shifted towards two drawings by different artists, Chen Guan and Mi Wazhong. Different forms of art usually elicit different feelings among different people; this occurs due to various interpretations of these forms of art. …
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Landscape Painting Description
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Download file to see previous pages The paper "Describe the landscape painting" aims to analyze the two drawings by two different artists, Chen Guan and Mi Wazhong. Seemingly, the artist was making an attempt to depict a connection between mountains and trees; this also indicates that the artist had proper environmental knowledge in the sense that: Mountainous regions are characterized by heavy rainfall; in these areas there tend to be excessive growth of trees especially at the foot of the mountain. Additionally, it is apparent that the artist is aware that the growth of trees cannot be supported by the steep slopes of any mountain. The artist did not draw tree on the steep slopes of the mountain; a scenario which may also indicate that the slopes are characterized by excessive soil erosion hence lack of tree. Consequently, the drawing depicts an attractive natural scenario that appeals to the viewers; sceneries of trees have usually been ascribed to a sense of relaxation to human mind. It also exposes the viewer to a situation of mental activity whereby; Apart from the trees and the mountains, there are also signs of fog that are evident on the mountain top as well as at the foot of the mountain around the tree tops. The fog might have been used by the artists to indicate that the region is characterized by very cold temperatures. Moreover, the fog may be an indication of high level of humidity experienced in the region. In order to provide his viewers with more detailed information, Mi Wazhong indicated shallow. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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