Discuss 'Evening: Landscape with Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault' in terms of the changing notion of landscape in the 19th century - Essay Example

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He was highly known for his artistic paintings such as the Raft of the medusa and several others. Although his death came early, he succeeded in becoming a pioneer of romanticism…
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Discuss Evening: Landscape with Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault in terms of the changing notion of landscape in the 19th century
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"Discuss 'Evening: Landscape with Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault' in terms of the changing notion of landscape in the 19th century"

Download file to see previous pages Gericault then left the classroom and instead chose to study at the Louvre. Here he copied ideas from the paintings of Rubens, a Titian as well as Rembrandt for a period of almost 6 years from 1810-1815. He found vitality that he preferred to the existing school of Neoclassicism. The influence of his experience at Rubens reflected in his first major work, exhibited in 1812 at the Paris Salon. This work also revealed interest in the contemporary depiction of subject matter. The ambitious and monumental youthful success was then followed by a change in direction in the production of a series of studies of cavalrymen and horses. Theodore had independent wealth and could thus indulge both of his twin passions- horses and painting, when he wished.1 However, he was less formally trained than most of the artists during his time. He only applied seriousness to his art whenever inspired, For instance, with the raft of the medusa as his great masterpiece. He was influenced by Antoine- Jean Gros and he himself powerfully influenced Paul Delaroche and Eugene Delacroix, the former, who then became a great romantic artist. Gericault was among the best portrait artists and was noted for his realistic studies on asylum inmates. However, his untimely death came following long time suffering after falling from a horse.
Newer artistic styles tend to come up against dominant old ones. Classicism rejected the previous style-Baroque or Rococo. Rococo favored much exuberance and ornamentation, and in architecture and music, that exuberance was asymmetrically expressed with great dynamism in light and shade, color, rhythm and movement. Romanticism saw the rise of rationality and science and thus rejected Rococo and thus looked backward to the aesthetic values of Roman and Greek antiquity.2 This favoured harmony, balance, restraint and proportion and as a result, romanticism sought a newer way of depicting the human condition from a world whose classical values were being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss 'Evening: Landscape with Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault' in Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1681646-discuss-evening-landscape-with-aqueduct-by-theodore-gericault-in-terms-of-the-changing-notion-of-landscape-in-the-19th-century
(Discuss 'Evening: Landscape With Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault' In Essay)
Discuss 'Evening: Landscape With Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault' In Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1681646-discuss-evening-landscape-with-aqueduct-by-theodore-gericault-in-terms-of-the-changing-notion-of-landscape-in-the-19th-century.
“Discuss 'Evening: Landscape With Aqueduct by Theodore Gericault' In Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1681646-discuss-evening-landscape-with-aqueduct-by-theodore-gericault-in-terms-of-the-changing-notion-of-landscape-in-the-19th-century.
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