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Traditional Geographic Approach in the Scientific Research and GIS - Case Study Example

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This paper "Traditional Geographic Approach in the Scientific Research and GIS" focuses on the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to geographic analysis, it often seems like what should be a very visual field becomes lost in a mountain of numbers and words. …
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Traditional Geographic Approach in the Scientific Research and GIS
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Extract of sample "Traditional Geographic Approach in the Scientific Research and GIS"

Download file to see previous pages Even until recently, users of georeferenced data, using strictly simple mapping software programs were not benefitting fully from the analysis capabilities of their data.  In the world of commerce, for example, megacorporations, using simple mapping software on prohibitively
expensive mainframe computer platforms, end users usually ended up working from charts, reports and convoluted statistics. Despite the mountains of data available to these users, what they often ended up with was data without a usable perspective and thus a seat-of-the-pants approach to implement, if it was of any use at all.
Fortunately, today there is not only a wide range of powerful GIS tools available for use, but there is a growing number of these tools that are made to be easy to use for the most common user. In fact, a growing number of public institutions such as libraries, schools and colleges are outfitted with full GIS tools that can allow users to access endless amounts of data for their personal or business use.
Let us take, for example, John and Mary, who want to open a small retail business. The couple plans to feature high-end women’s clothes. In the past, this might begin by searching the newspaper for potential locations that might be available for sale or rent. Nothing being readily available, the couple might next visit a realtor, who will not only able to show them what he alone his available but will no doubt show them first the listings that pay the largest commissions. What would any of these factors have to do with the potential commercial appeal of a particular location? Little, if any. The couple will probably end up buying or renting a location based on what they can afford in an area that might be ill-suited for the type of merchandise they carry, such as a lower income area whose residents cannot afford the type of clothing their store carries. With resulting sales that are inadequate to maintain their business, they will probably soon be out of it.
     Next, let us consider a GIS/geographic analysis approach to John and Mary’s situation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Traditional Geographic Approach in the Scientific Research and GIS Case Study)
Traditional Geographic Approach in the Scientific Research and GIS Case Study.
“Traditional Geographic Approach in the Scientific Research and GIS Case Study”, n.d.
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