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Scientific on the causes of homosexuality - Research Paper Example

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First Name Last Name Class Name 16 April 2011 Known Scientific Causes of Homosexuality In today’s society, homosexuality is a controversial subject; and, everyone has and is entitled to his/her opinion concerning the topic. The religious of society believe that homosexuality is caused by evil spirits, while many psychologists believe that homosexuality can be caused by child molestation…
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Scientific research on the causes of homosexuality
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Download file to see previous pages Genetically speaking, it has been discovered that antibodies in the womb can attack the Y chromosome in an unborn male, causing him to be gay. This normally happens when a woman already has several, several, meaning two or three, “straight” male sons; her body just builds up an antibody to carrying males, and these antibodies attack the Y chromosome in the unborn male, making him homosexual (Independent). For every prior male brother who is “straight”, the chances of the next male becoming gay later in life, increases by one third (Independent). This study, conducted by Canadian scientists in 2006, proves that homosexuality in men is of a biological nature and nothing else. Gay men are “created” (Independent) meaning; they are born with a genetic predisposition to homosexuality. Thus proving that homosexuality is not a choice, but completely biological, even before birth (Independent). Also, it is common that most homosexual males have reported the same feelings concerning their identities and such during childhood. Many say that they “felt different” at an early age and often had to defend their masculinity (Handbook). They also reported that from a very, very young age, they did not take interest in the same games, toys, clothing, etc. as other “straight” males their age, and also felt an overwhelming attraction to the same sex, even from as early as 2 to 5 years old (Handbook). These young males reported that they often enjoyed playing with toys made for the opposite sex and also enjoyed wearing clothes of the opposite gender as well. The males said they did not take much of an interest in masculine games, such as sports and “boy” toys. “My cousin, who is now an openly gay, nineteen year old male, always collected Barbie dolls,” says Bessie Cherry, an award-winning journalist from Tennessee. “It was always a question ‘if’ my cousin was going to be gay or not. He loved to play with toys of the opposite sex, often carried a purse, and wore girls’ jeans and shoes. He was always very interested in things that boys his age were not, like collecting antique dishes and such. He never wanted to play football, like the rest of his male cousins his age. He never wanted to play with ‘boy’ toys, such as trucks and cars; it was always Barbie dolls and ‘girly’ things that he chose to play with instead. When my cousin became a teenager, he was so handsome that so many of the girls his age wanted to date him; but, he wasn’t interested in ‘girls’. He tried to commit suicide, then came out of the closet and told the family he was gay at age fourteen (Cherry).” Suicide contemplation and attempts are very common among young gay adolescent males (Handbook) because they struggle with their sexual identities and feelings thereof, associated with the gay male complex and inferiority they feel for being gay in a society where it’s not always accepted. “My cousin said that the last thing he wanted was to be ‘gay’ (Cherry). He said it was so hard for him to tell his family that he was gay that he would rather be dead. My aunt said that she believes that homosexuality is also genetically inclined because she knows that her son would never choose to be gay, and that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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